What You Need to Learn About a Model Like itsalyssaemm

Enter the digital realm of social media and gaming with itsalyssaemm, a prominent Twitter star and gamer. This multifaceted individual has made a mark on the Dream SMP Minecraft server, captivating audiences with her gaming prowess and dynamic online presence.


Date of BirthApril 22
BirthplaceUnited States
Birth SignTaurus
Twitter Followers210,000+
Gaming AffiliationDream SMP Minecraft server
Notable CollaborationsTommyinnit, GeorgeNotFound, Awesamdude
YouTube ActivityMainly between 2014 and 2016
CatsLuna, Jasper (Adopted); Ollie (Deceased)
Thank you for the birthday wishes ️ 1012
What You Need to Learn About a Model Like itsalyssaemm 3

Meet ITSAlyssa, the Twitter star and gamer whose digital footprint extends into the captivating realm of the Dream SMP Minecraft server. Born on April 22 under the Taurus zodiac sign, ITSAlyssa hails from the United States, carving her niche in the ever-evolving landscape of online gaming and content creation.

Known for her appearances on the Dream SMP Minecraft server, ITSAlyssa has become a fixture in the gaming community. The Dream SMP server, a survival multiplayer server, has served as the backdrop for her digital adventures, allowing her to collaborate with notable creators such as Tommyinnit, GeorgeNotFound, and Awesamdude. Her contributions to various creators’ videos have solidified her presence as a sought-after collaborator in the gaming world.

ITSAlyssa’s journey into the digital realm began in 2015 when she created her own YouTube channel. While most of her YouTube activity occurred between 2014 and 2016, her influence and engagement expanded to other platforms. With over 210,000 followers on her AlyssaWasFound Twitter account, she keeps her audience updated on her gaming exploits, thoughts, and everyday experiences.

Beyond her gaming prowess, ITSAlyssa’s involvement as a coder for BadBoyHalo’s Minecraft server, MunchyMC, showcases her technical skills within the gaming community. Her contributions to the Dream SMP server, especially playing while others were offline, added a unique dimension to her gaming portfolio. Notably, she chose not to request the new IP after the Dream SMP server changed, marking a distinctive decision in her digital journey.

In her personal life, ITSAlyssa has opened her heart and home to two adopted cats, Luna and Jasper. However, the passing of her cat Ollie in October 2020 brought a poignant note to her offline world.

ITSAlyssa shares common ground with fellow Minecraft gamer KarinaOMG, both making waves in the gaming community. The dynamic blend of gaming expertise, technical proficiency, and a genuine connection with her audience makes ITSAlyssa a standout figure in the digital landscape.

3 Facts about Alyssa (@itsalyssaemm):

  1. Instagram Presence and Following: Alyssa, known by her Instagram handle @itsalyssaemm, has a significant online presence. With 276k followers and 162 posts on Instagram, she has built a platform where she shares moments from her life.
  2. Pregnancy Speculation and Announcement: Alyssa sparked pregnancy speculation with a post on her Instagram account. The post, accompanied by the caption “With you by my side…,” hinted at a significant development in her life. This led to discussions and anticipation among her followers.
  3. Relationship with Nick Cannon: Alyssa Scott has been associated with Nick Cannon, a well-known personality. The two share a connection that has been a subject of public interest and media coverage. This relationship gained attention, especially with the couple’s shared experiences and moments.

3 Quotes/Events Associated with Alyssa Scott:

  1. Instagram Announcement Caption:
    • “With you by my side…”
      • This caption accompanied a post on Alyssa’s Instagram, creating speculation and discussions among her followers. The ambiguous wording added an element of mystery to the announcement.
  2. Nick Cannon Surprises Alyssa Scott:
    • In August 2023, Nick Cannon surprised Alyssa Scott and their daughter with flowers. This event showcased a tender and thoughtful gesture, offering a glimpse into their relationship.
  3. Ultrasound Photos and Memory Forever:
    • Alyssa Scott posted ultrasound photos of her second baby with Nick Cannon. Cannon commented on the post, expressing that it was a great day and a beautiful memory forever. This interaction added a personal touch to their shared moments.

3 Questions and Answers about Alyssa Scott:

  1. Q: How did Alyssa Scott gain prominence on Instagram?
    • A: Alyssa gained prominence on Instagram by actively sharing moments from her life. Her engaging posts and interactions with followers contributed to the growth of her Instagram presence.
  2. Q: What sparked pregnancy speculation on Alyssa Scott’s Instagram?
    • A: Alyssa’s Instagram post featuring the caption “With you by my side…” sparked pregnancy speculation. The ambiguous wording led to discussions and anticipation among her followers.
  3. Q: How does Alyssa Scott balance her public and personal life, especially considering media attention?
    • A: Alyssa Scott maintains a balance between her public and personal life by selectively sharing moments on social media. While some aspects are shared, she values her privacy, especially given the media attention surrounding her relationship with Nick Cannon.
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