What Are You Wondering About Alix Earle?

Discover the world of Alix Earle, the Miami-based TikTok star born on December 16, 2000. With 6 million followers, she’s redefining the “it” girl on TikTok.


BornDecember 16, 2000
BirthplaceNew Jersey
Birth SignSagittarius
Age23 Years Old
Popularity#342 Most Popular on TikTok
TikTok FollowersOver 6 Million
UniversityUniversity of Miami, Class of 2023, Majoring in Business Administration and Marketing

Alix Ashley Earle, born on December 16, 2000, in New Jersey, is a Miami-based TikTok sensation who has taken the social media world by storm. At just 23 years old, Alix has amassed over 6 million followers on TikTok, making her a prominent and influential figure in the digital realm.

Alix’s content primarily revolves around makeup, fashion, and lifestyle. She shares insights into her daily life, showcasing what she eats, wears, drinks, and the places she frequents. Known for her glamorous outings to restaurants, bars, parties, and the beach, Alix’s content reflects the vibrant and stylish lifestyle she leads.

Before her TikTok fame, Alix graduated from New Jersey’s Red Bank Catholic High School in 2019. She ventured into the world of marketing as an intern at her family business, Earle, where she was responsible for creating social media posts. Currently, Alix is a member of the Class of 2023 at the University of Miami, majoring in business administration and marketing.

Alix’s social media journey witnessed a remarkable surge in late 2022 when she earned the title of the new “it” girl of TikTok. Starting with less than 300,000 followers, she quickly rose to over 2 million by the end of the year. This meteoric rise garnered her recognition in publications like E! News, Dexerto, and OutKick. In March 2023, she signed with the United Talent Agency (UTA), marking a significant milestone in her career.

Hailing from a family that owns Earle, an asphalt and construction company in Wall Township, New Jersey, Alix has a sister named Ashtin Earle. Her family background in construction adds a unique dimension to her persona.

Alix’s romantic life has also been in the public eye. In 2022, she dated baseball player Tyler Wade for three months, and in 2023, she began dating Braxton Berrios.

A notable moment in Alix’s TikTok journey was in December 2022 when she featured Selena Gomez in a short video using the popular audio clip, “What’s better than one covergirl? Two covergirls!” She was also seen at Michael Rubin’s 2023 Hamptons birthday party alongside Charli D’Amelio.

Alix’s Amazon storefront has become a go-to for her followers, where she shares her favorite products ranging from makeup to travel essentials. Her recommendations are highly valued, making her an influential voice in the world of online shopping.

With her dynamic content and growing influence, Alix Earle continues to leave an indelible mark as a TikTok sensation and lifestyle influencer.

5 Interesting Facts About Alix Earle:

  1. TikTok Stardom: Alix Earle is a Miami-based TikTok star who gained widespread recognition for her makeup, fashion, and lifestyle content. With over 6 million fans on her TikTok account, she has become a prominent figure in the social media scene.
  2. Rapid Rise to Fame: Alix’s social media accounts experienced a significant surge in popularity in late 2022, earning her the title of the new “it” girl of TikTok. Her follower count skyrocketed from under 300,000 to over 2 million before the end of the year.
  3. Media Features: As a testament to her influence, Alix Earle was featured in publications such as E! News, Dexerto, and OutKick during her rapid rise to fame. This media recognition further solidified her status as a prominent social media personality.
  4. Educational Background: Alix graduated from New Jersey’s Red Bank Catholic High School in 2019. Currently, she is a member of the 2023 class at the University of Miami, majoring in business administration and marketing.
  5. Family and Relationships: Alix hails from a family that owns Earle, an asphalt and construction company in Wall Township, New Jersey. She has a sister named Ashtin Earle. In terms of her romantic life, Alix dated baseball player Tyler Wade in 2022, but the couple split after three months. In 2023, she began dating Braxton Berrios.

3 Insights into Alix Earle’s Online Presence:

  1. Amazon Storefront: Alix has an Amazon storefront where she shares her favorite products. From makeup to travel essentials, her storefront provides a curated collection of items that reflect her personal preferences.
  2. Collaboration with Selena Gomez: In December 2022, Alix featured Selena Gomez in a TikTok video that utilized the popular audio clip, “What’s better than one covergirl? Two covergirls!” This collaboration showcased Alix’s increasing influence and reach.
  3. Signing with UTA: In March of 2023, Alix Earle signed with UTA (United Talent Agency), indicating a strategic move to further expand her career and opportunities in the entertainment industry.

Alix Earle’s journey is characterized by her rapid ascent to fame on TikTok, her academic pursuits, family background, and her strategic collaborations and partnerships that contribute to her multi-faceted online presence.

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