Things We Didn’t Know Before About COCO QUINN

Explore the dynamic world of Coco Quinn, the 15-year-old sensation who’s conquered dance floors, screens, and stages with her talent and charisma.


BornJune 7, 2008
BirthplaceLos Angeles, CA
Birth SignGemini
Age15 Years Old
Popularity#54 Most Popular YouTube Star
TrainingDance Precisions, Molly’s Monsters
Acting HighlightsBrat Series – Mani and Chicken Girls
Debut Single“What I Love About Me” (July 2020)
Rhythmic GymnasticsYouth Squad for USA Rhythmic Gymnastics
AwardsFirst Overall in Petite Diamond Line (Showbiz Talent Competition)
Media FeaturesDance Spirit Magazine, TV Programs (Dance Moms, Family Stitchers)
FamilySiblings – Rihanna, Kaylee, and Tyler Quinn
AssociationsFriendships with Social Stars like Txunamy

Coco Quinn, born on June 7, 2008, in Los Angeles, California, stands out as a multifaceted talent in the entertainment industry. At the age of two, she embarked on her rhythmic gymnastics journey, marking the beginning of a remarkable career that spans dance, acting, singing, and modeling.

Trained at Dance Precisions and a member of the mini elite competition team Molly’s Monsters, Coco’s dance prowess shines through various genres, including classic ballet, rhythmic dancing, tap, hip hop, and jazz. Her achievements in the Showbiz Talent Competition in Riverside, California, where she secured the first overall position in the petite diamond line, attest to her exceptional skills.

Beyond dance, Coco has ventured into acting, notably playing the character Katie on the popular Brat series Mani and Chicken Girls. Her on-screen charisma and acting talent have contributed to her rising popularity in the entertainment world. Not limiting herself to dance and acting, Coco expanded her artistic repertoire by releasing her debut single “What I Love About Me” in July 2020, showcasing her versatility as a singer.

Coco Quinn’s achievements extend to rhythmic gymnastics, earning her a spot in the Youth Squad for the USA rhythmic gymnastics squad, a testament to her dedication and excellence in the sport.

Acknowledged not only for her skills but also for her vibrant personality, Coco has received media recognition, including features in Dance Spirit Magazine. Her appearances in television programs such as Dance Moms and Family Stitchers have further solidified her presence in the entertainment landscape.

Coco Quinn comes from a talented family, with sisters Rihanna and Kaylee Quinn also making waves in the dance world. Additionally, she has a brother named Tyler Quinn. Her familial support and shared passion for the arts contribute to the Quinn family’s prominence in the industry.

In the world of social media, Coco shares moments from her life, collaborations, and friendships with other stars, including a notable photo with fellow social sensation Txunamy.

5 Interesting Facts about Coco Quinn:

  1. Dance Career: Coco Quinn is an accomplished American dancer known for her involvement in rhythmic gymnastics. She began rhythmic gymnastics at the young age of two.
  2. Mani Series: Coco gained recognition for her role in the web series “Mani,” where she showcased her talents. The series contributed to her rising popularity in the entertainment industry.
  3. Early Achievements: At dance competitions, Coco Quinn has displayed her skills, and she achieved notable success, such as placing first overall in petite diamond line at the Showbiz Talent Competition.
  4. Dance Training: Coco and her sisters received training at Dance Precisions. Her sisters, Rihanna and Kaylee Quinn, are also dancers, indicating a family passion for the art form.
  5. Social Media Influence: With more than one million followers on Instagram, Coco Quinn has a significant social media presence. She often shares dance-related content and glimpses into her life.

3 Questions and Answers about Coco Quinn:

  1. Q: In which web series did Coco Quinn star?
    • A: Coco Quinn starred in the web series “Mani,” which contributed to her recognition in the entertainment industry.
  2. Q: What is one of Coco Quinn’s notable achievements in dance competitions?
    • A: Coco Quinn achieved success in dance competitions, notably placing first overall in petite diamond line at the Showbiz Talent Competition.
  3. Q: What is Coco Quinn’s follower count on Instagram?
    • A: Coco Quinn has amassed more than one million followers on Instagram, where she shares dance-related content and updates about her life.
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