Things We Didn’t Know Before About JULES LEBLANC

Discover the journey of Jules LeBlanc, born on December 5, 2004, as she evolves from a gymnast to a YouTube sensation and actress at the age of 19.


BornDecember 5, 2004
BirthplaceAugusta, GA
Birth SignSagittarius
Age19 Years Old
Popularity#6 Most Popular YouTube Star
NicknamesAlso known as Annie LeBlanc
ProfessionYouTuber, Actress, Singer, Former Gymnast
Notable WorksChicken Girls, A Girl Named Jo, Intern-in-Chief, Camp Nick, Side Hustle
Debut Song“Ordinary Girl” (October 2017)
Online PresenceOver 19 Million TikTok Fans, Over 10 Million Instagram Followers
FamilyParents – Katie and Billy; Sister – Hayley; Brother – Caleb (deceased)
RelationshipsDated Asher Angel (2019-May 2020), Dated Hayden Summerall, Dated William Liner (2023-September 2023)

Jules LeBlanc, formerly known as Annie LeBlanc, was born on December 5, 2004, in Augusta, Georgia. At the age of 19, she has already made a significant impact as a YouTuber, actress, and singer, showcasing her versatility and talent.

Before gaining fame, Jules started her journey on the YouTube channel Acroanna, where she shared her passion for gymnastics through meets and tutorials. She trained as a gymnast until August 2017. Jules rose to prominence as one of the three siblings featured on the family vlog YouTube channel Bratayley.

Jules’s popularity skyrocketed, and she gained recognition for her roles in various Brat web series, including Chicken Girls, A Girl Named Jo, and the Brat film Intern-in-Chief. She further expanded her horizons by signing a talent deal with Nickelodeon in 2018. Notably, she starred in the Nickelodeon series Side Hustle and Camp Nick.

Maintaining a strong connection with her fans, Jules LeBlanc continued to share her day-to-day life through YouTube videos, offering a glimpse into her world beyond the spotlight.

In the realm of social media, Jules has accumulated over 19 million fans on TikTok, where she shares engaging content, and more than 10 million followers on Instagram.

Jules’s personal life has been a subject of interest. Born Julianna Grace LeBlanc, she was raised in Augusta, Georgia, by her parents Katie and Billy. She collaborates with her sister Hayley on the channels Bratayley and OMMyGoshTV. Tragically, her older brother Caleb passed away in 2015.

The young star has experienced the highs and lows of teenage relationships. She dated Asher Angel from 2019 to May 2020 and has been romantically involved with Hayden Summerall. In 2023, she began dating William Liner, concluding the relationship in September of the same year.

Jules LeBlanc’s journey is marked by her resilience, talent, and authenticity, making her a beloved figure among teens and a role model for aspiring content creators.

Facts about Jules LeBlanc:

  1. Early Start in Gymnastics and YouTube: Jules LeBlanc, formerly known as Annie LeBlanc, began her creative journey at a young age. She started as a gymnast and gained initial fame by posting gymnastics meets and tutorials on the YouTube channel Acroanna.
  2. Family Vlogging Success: Jules became widely recognized through the family vlog YouTube channel Bratayley, where she appeared with her siblings. The channel garnered millions of subscribers and views, contributing to her early popularity.
  3. Acting Career: Jules transitioned into acting with notable roles in Brat web series such as “Chicken Girls” and “A Girl Named Jo.” She also worked on the Brat film “Intern-in-Chief” and was cast as Lex on the Nickelodeon series “Side Hustle.”
  4. Multifaceted Talent: Beyond gymnastics, YouTube, and acting, Jules showcased her versatility as an artist. She explored singing and songwriting, releasing her debut single “Ordinary Girl” in October 2017.
  5. TikTok and Social Media Stardom: Jules has a massive following on social media platforms. With over 19 million fans on TikTok and more than 10 million followers on Instagram, she has maintained strong connections with her audience, documenting her day-to-day life through various channels.

3 Questions and Answers about Jules LeBlanc:

  1. Q: How did Jules LeBlanc first gain fame on YouTube?
    • A: Jules, initially known as Annie LeBlanc, gained fame through the family vlog YouTube channel Bratayley, where she appeared alongside her siblings, documenting their day-to-day lives.
  2. Q: Apart from gymnastics and YouTube, what creative ventures has Jules pursued?
    • A: Jules has ventured into acting with roles in web series like “Chicken Girls” and “A Girl Named Jo.” She also explored singing and released her debut single “Ordinary Girl.”
  3. Q: What recognition and awards has Jules LeBlanc received?
    • A: Jules received a Shorty Award in 2018 and a Teen Choice Award in 2019, highlighting her impact and popularity as a social media influencer and entertainer.
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