Anime Review: The Dreaming Boy is a Realist (Episodes 1-12)

“The Dreaming Boy is a Realist” follows Wataru, a young man who has relentlessly pursued Aika, the most beautiful girl in his class, for years. However, a moment of clarity hits him when he realizes that he’s become an unwanted stalker, and no amount of persistence will win her heart. Vowing to let her live a happy life without his interference, Wataru’s newfound perspective leads him to navigate a new chapter in his life.

Review: The anime explores the painful realization that not everyone you love will reciprocate those feelings. Wataru’s shift in perspective serves as a central theme, depicting the challenges of accepting that some relationships are destined to remain unrequited. The narrative delves into Wataru’s journey of self-discovery as he seeks new meaning in his life after abandoning his singular pursuit of Aika.

Wataru’s objective viewpoint becomes a unique strength, allowing him to assist others with their interpersonal issues. The story captures his aimless exploration to find purpose and showcases how his talents gain recognition among his peers. Simultaneously, the fallout from his pursuit of Aika unfolds, emphasizing his efforts to minimize the unintentional harm caused.

Anime Review The Dreaming Boy is a Realist Episodes 1 12
Anime Review: The Dreaming Boy is a Realist (Episodes 1-12) 3

The anime masterfully portrays the complexities of adolescence, growth, and the nuanced nature of relationships. Aika’s reaction to Wataru’s departure from her life adds depth, forcing her to reassess her desires and navigate the challenges of adolescence independently.

In terms of presentation, the anime maintains an average quality. The visuals and settings are adequately rendered, but they don’t stand out. The musical score effectively conveys emotions but lacks memorable tunes.

The anime’s success hinges on the viewer’s ability to empathize with Wataru. If one connects with his character, the journey becomes enjoyable despite occasional missteps. However, if the connection is lacking, the anime may struggle to engage the audience, as Wataru is the central focus.


  • Overall (sub): B-
  • Story: B
  • Animation: C
  • Art: C
  • Music: C


  • Thoughtful exploration of unrequited love and personal growth.
  • Realistic portrayal of adolescence and relationships.


  • Average animation and art.
  • Limited appeal if the viewer doesn’t connect with Wataru.

Final Thoughts: “The Dreaming Boy is a Realist” offers a poignant narrative on life’s complexities, particularly in the realm of relationships. Wataru’s journey of self-discovery and acceptance resonates with viewers who can empathize with the challenges of unrequited love. The anime’s success depends on the viewer’s connection with the protagonist, and those who connect will find a compelling exploration of growth and maturity.

  1. What is the premise of “The Dreaming Boy is a Realist”?
  • The story follows Wataru, who has spent years romantically pursuing Aika, the most beautiful girl in his class. However, after a moment of clarity, he realizes he is an unwanted stalker, and he decides to back off and let her live a happy school life without his interference. This realization leads to a shift in his perspective, and the series explores his journey of finding new meaning in his life.
  1. What is the central theme of the anime?
  • The central theme revolves around the harsh realization that not everyone will reciprocate romantic feelings, and the pain that comes with accepting this truth. The protagonist, Wataru, undergoes a significant change in perspective and must navigate the aftermath of his pursuit of Aika.
  1. How is the character development in the anime portrayed?
  • The review mentions that much of the story revolves around Wataru’s aimless search for meaning in his life after realizing the consequences of his pursuit of Aika. His newfound perspective allows him to help others with their interpersonal problems, showcasing his growth and maturity. The anime delves into the complexities of adolescence and personal growth.
  1. How is the presentation of the anime described in the review?
  • The review describes the presentation of the anime as average. The animation, art, and music are considered neither outstanding nor exceptionally beautiful. The school setting is well-realized, but it doesn’t stand out. The music is said to convey emotions effectively, but the reviewer finds it forgettable.
  1. What is the significance of Wataru’s departure from Aika’s life in the story?
  • Wataru’s decision to back off and minimize the harm he has caused Aika by removing himself from her life becomes a significant turning point in the narrative. Aika, who initially found Wataru annoying, is forced to re-evaluate her own desires and relationships after his sudden departure.
  1. How does the review evaluate the anime overall?
  • The overall grade given to the anime is a B-. The story is praised for exploring one of life’s difficult lessons, but the animation, art, and music are considered average. The success of the anime is said to depend on the viewer’s ability to connect with the protagonist, Wataru, as he is the core of the story.
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