Sarah Jayne Dunn Shows Off Flexibility in Pole Dancing Video

Former Hollyoaks actress and OnlyFans model Sarah Jayne Dunn made waves as she showcased her impressive pole dancing skills in a recent video. The 42-year-old actress flaunted her flexibility during a rehearsal in a pole dancing class, capturing the moment in a video shared on social media.

In the video, Sarah Jayne Dunn displayed her toned figure while wearing a red thong bikini. The sultry routine included her executing various moves and even flipping upside down on the pole. Despite being far from home, Sarah managed to indulge in her passion for pole dancing by finding a class in Barbados during her vacation.

Sharing her excitement on Instagram, Dunn explained, “I was having withdrawals from my pole classes, so I did a quick google search and discovered @wildchildbarbados and booked onto a class to get my fix.” She expressed initial anxiety about attending a new pole studio in a different country but praised the welcoming and non-judgmental atmosphere of the pole community.

Dunn shared her positive experience, stating, “It felt sooo good connecting with my body again and getting back on the pole.” She also encouraged fellow pole enthusiasts visiting the island to check out Wild Child for their “pole fix.”

Sarah Jayne Dunn, known for her role as Mandy Richardson on Hollyoaks, was axed from the soap in 2021 after refusing to take down her OnlyFans account. Since then, she has embraced creative freedom, financial stability, and new opportunities afforded by platforms like OnlyFans, expressing satisfaction with her decision.

The actress’s bold move and openness about her experiences have garnered attention, with fans appreciating her authenticity and empowerment. As she continues to enjoy her passion for pole dancing, Sarah Jayne Dunn remains unapologetic about her choices and embraces the opportunities that come her way.

1. Sarah Jayne Dunn’s Pole Dancing Video


  • What did Sarah Jayne Dunn showcase in a recent video, and where did the video take place?


  • Sarah Jayne Dunn showcased her impressive pole dancing skills in a video where she rehearsed in a class. The video was taken in Barbados, where she discovered a pole dancing session to get her “fix.”

2. Location and Flexibility


  • Where did Sarah Jayne Dunn find a pole dancing class, and what did she wear during the session?


  • Sarah Jayne Dunn found a pole dancing class in Barbados, and during the session, she wore a red thong bikini while displaying her impressive flexibility.

3. Sarah Jayne Dunn’s Pole Dancing “Fix”


  • What motivated Sarah Jayne Dunn to attend the pole dancing class in Barbados, and how did she feel about the experience?


  • Sarah Jayne Dunn attended the pole dancing class in Barbados because she was having withdrawals from her pole classes. She expressed feeling anxious about trying a new pole studio in a different country but was pleasantly surprised by the warm, welcoming, and non-judgmental atmosphere. She described the experience as connecting with her body again and getting back on the pole.

4. Sarah Jayne Dunn’s Escape to Barbados


  • Why did Sarah Jayne Dunn and her family travel to Barbados, and how did she manage to continue her pole dancing passion while there?


  • Sarah Jayne Dunn and her family traveled to Barbados to escape wintery weather. While in Barbados, she discovered a pole dancing class at Wild Child, allowing her to continue her pole dancing passion even while on vacation.

5. Sarah Jayne Dunn’s OnlyFans Journey


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  • What significant decision did Sarah Jayne Dunn make related to OnlyFans, and how did she reflect on it after two years?


  • Sarah Jayne Dunn made the decision to join OnlyFans and shared a powerful statement after two years. She expressed having creative freedom, financial stability, control of her time, and exciting opportunities. She mentioned that joining OnlyFans was the best decision she ever made, with her only regret being not joining sooner.
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