Sarah Jayne Dunn goes braless as she puts on a daring show with her stunning Hollyoaks pal

Sarah Jayne Dunn and Jodi Albert Reunite for Daring Girls’ Night Out in Barbados

Former Hollyoaks co-stars, Sarah Jayne Dunn and Jodi Albert, recently reunited for a glamorous girls’ night out during their family holidays in Barbados. The 42-year-old Sarah, known for her role as Mandy Richardson in Hollyoaks, and 40-year-old Jodi, who played Debbie Dean in the same soap, turned heads with their bold fashion choices.

The actresses opted to go braless, each showcasing their unique styles. Sarah donned a backless silver dress, complementing her look with a chic bag and heels. On the other hand, Jodi sported a satin white shirt, leaving it unbuttoned to accentuate her ample cleavage. The Hollyoaks stunners documented their night out on Instagram, treating their followers to glimpses of their evening at QP Bistro and enjoying cocktails.

Both actresses have been close since their time on Hollyoaks, even collaborating on the fitness DVD “Hollyoaks Dance Workout” with former co-star Ali Bastian in 2004. Their recent reunion in Barbados is another testament to their enduring friendship.

Sarah Jayne Dunn, who has been open about embracing her sensuality at any age, expressed her desire to inspire women, stating, “I want to show that we can be in our 40s, 50s, 60s and still be strong and sassy and sexy and not be disregarded when you get to a certain age. It’s bull***t and old fashioned.”

The actresses’ night out in Barbados comes after Sarah Jayne Dunn shared insights into her creative journey, emphasizing the importance of taking control of her schedule, image, and life. Last year, she directed her 2023 calendar, highlighting her commitment to creative freedom and self-expression.

As they continue to make waves both personally and professionally, Sarah Jayne Dunn and Jodi Albert showcase the strength, confidence, and camaraderie that define their enduring friendship.

1. Sarah Jayne Dunn and Jodi Albert’s Reunion


  • Who did Sarah Jayne Dunn reunite with for a girls’ night out in Barbados, and what daring fashion choice did both actresses make?


  • Sarah Jayne Dunn reunited with her Hollyoaks co-star Jodi Albert for a girls’ night out in Barbados. Both actresses made daring fashion choices by going braless in slinky outfits. Sarah wore a backless silver dress, while Jodi opted for a satin white shirt, leaving it unbuttoned to showcase her ample cleavage.

2. The Night Out and Instagram Documentation


  • How did Sarah Jayne Dunn and Jodi Albert document their night out, and what locations did they visit?


  • Sarah Jayne Dunn and Jodi Albert documented their night out on Instagram for their followers. They headed to QP Bistro and later enjoyed some cocktails. The night out took place in Barbados, where both actresses were on family holidays.

3. Sarah Jayne Dunn and Jodi Albert’s Friendship


  • How long have Sarah Jayne Dunn and Jodi Albert been close, and what notable project did they work on together in the past?


  • Sarah Jayne Dunn and Jodi Albert have been close since their time starring together in Hollyoaks. They also both featured in the fitness DVD “Hollyoaks Dance Workout” with former co-star Ali Bastian in 2004.

4. Sarah Jayne Dunn’s Inspirational Message


  • What message does Sarah Jayne Dunn want to convey about women and age, and how does she aim to inspire others?


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  • Sarah Jayne Dunn wants to inspire other women by showing that they can be “sexy” regardless of age. She expressed a desire to challenge stereotypes and mentioned that she aims to be an inspiration, demonstrating that women in their 40s, 50s, and 60s can still be strong, sassy, and sexy without being disregarded.

5. Sarah Jayne Dunn’s Calendar Project


  • What important decision did Sarah Jayne Dunn make regarding her calendar project, and what aspects did she have creative control over?


  • Sarah Jayne Dunn took creative control over her calendar project, marking the first time she did a calendar on her own. She emphasized the importance of having full creative control, allowing her to choose her creative team, the calendar’s appearance, the shooting locations, and the overall vibe. She highlighted the significance of taking back control over her schedule, life, image, and body.
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