Facts about Instagram Star JAMES CHARLES

Explore the captivating journey of James Charles, the groundbreaking makeup artist and social media sensation who shattered norms in the beauty industry.


BornMay 23, 1999
BirthplaceBethlehem, NY
Age24 years old
Popularity#53 Most Popular
CoverGirlFirst male spokesperson
Sister SquadDolan Twins, Emma Chamberlain
AwardsStreamy Awards (2018, 2020), Teen Choice Award (2018)

James Charles, born on May 23, 1999, in Bethlehem, NY, has emerged as a transformative figure in the beauty industry. At the age of 24, he not only broke barriers as the first male spokesperson for CoverGirl but also amassed a massive following on social media platforms through his innovative makeup artistry.

Pioneering Makeup Artist: James Charles’s journey began with hair styling, but his true passion unfolded when he ventured into the realm of makeup. Rising to fame through his Instagram account @jamescharles, he demonstrated that makeup is an art form that transcends gender boundaries. His account, boasting over 20 million followers, became a canvas for his bold and creative makeup looks.

CoverGirl’s Trailblazer: In a historic move, James Charles became the first male spokesperson for CoverGirl. This groundbreaking achievement not only showcased his artistry but also contributed to redefining traditional beauty standards. Collaborating with brand ambassador Katy Perry, James has been a trailblazer in diversifying the beauty industry.

Sister Squad and Collaborations: In 2018, James joined forces with fellow influencers, the Dolan Twins and Emma Chamberlain, forming the Sister Squad. This dynamic group created collaborative content that resonated with millions, showcasing the power of influencer collaborations.

Awards and Accolades: Acknowledging his impact on the beauty and influencer landscape, James Charles has been honored with prestigious awards. He clinched Streamy Awards in the beauty category in both 2018 and 2020. Additionally, he secured a Teen Choice Award for Choice Fashion/Beauty Web Star in 2018.

Content Creation and Instant Influencer: James extends his influence to YouTube, where he shares makeup and beauty tutorials on his self-titled channel, boasting over 470,000 subscribers. In April 2020, he ventured into the realm of beauty competitions, launching the show “Instant Influencer,” providing a platform for emerging beauty influencers.

Family Support and Sibling Bond: Behind James’s success is a supportive family. His father played a pivotal role in helping him convert their basement into a makeup studio. James shares a close bond with his younger brother, Ian Jeffrey, who is also a social media star. Their mother, Christie Dickinson, is an integral part of their lives.

In essence, James Charles’s impact extends beyond the realm of makeup; he’s a cultural influencer challenging norms and pushing the boundaries of representation in the beauty industry. As he continues to break ground, his journey serves as an inspiration for aspiring makeup artists worldwide.

Facts about James Charles:

  1. Makeup Mogul: James Charles Dickinson is renowned as a beauty YouTuber and makeup artist, gaining immense popularity for his expertise in the makeup industry. He has established himself as a makeup mogul and influencer.
  2. Instant Influencer: James Charles is the creator and host of the YouTube reality competition series “Instant Influencer,” where he tests and challenges makeup artists to determine who has the potential to become a beauty superstar. The winner receives a cash prize.
  3. Social Media Presence: With millions of followers on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, James Charles is known for his engaging content related to makeup tutorials, challenges, and lifestyle vlogs. He often shares his creative makeup looks and beauty tips.
  4. Collaborations and Business Ventures: James Charles has collaborated with various brands and influencers in the beauty industry. He has also launched his own makeup products, including the popular James Charles x Morphe palette, showcasing his influence and impact in the beauty community.
  5. TV Show Appearances: Apart from his online presence, James Charles has appeared in TV shows such as “Instant Influencer with James Charles,” “The Secret World of Jeffree Star,” and “Nikita Unfiltered,” expanding his reach beyond digital platforms.


  1. Q: What is the concept of James Charles’ YouTube series “Instant Influencer”?
    • A: “Instant Influencer” is a reality competition series hosted by James Charles on YouTube. Makeup artists compete in challenges to prove their skills and win the title of “Instant Influencer” along with a cash prize.
  2. Q: What is James Charles’ significant contribution to the beauty industry?
    • A: James Charles has made a significant impact as a beauty YouTuber, makeup artist, and influencer. He is known for his innovative makeup looks, successful collaborations, and the creation of his makeup products.
  3. Q: Apart from his online career, in which TV shows has James Charles appeared?
    • A: James Charles has appeared in TV shows such as “Instant Influencer with James Charles,” “The Secret World of Jeffree Star,” and “Nikita Unfiltered,” showcasing his presence in both digital and traditional media.
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