Absolute Duo

“Absolute Duo” is a TV anime series that falls into the action and fantasy genres. The show consists of 12 episodes and originally aired from January 4, 2015, to March 22, 2015. The age rating is R – 17+ (Violence & Profanity). The series was produced by AT-X, Half H.P Studio, Showgate, and feng, with animation by 8bit studio.


  • Japanese Title: アブソリュート・デュオ
  • English Title: Absolute Duo
  • Anime Type: TV Series
  • Episode Count: 12 episodes
  • Release Date: January 4, 2015 – March 22, 2015
  • Age Rating: R – 17+ (Violence & Profanity)
  • Producer: AT-X, Half H.P Studio, Showgate, feng
  • Studio: 8bit
  • Episode Duration: 24 minutes per episode

Synopsis: The story revolves around the concept of “Blazes,” which are weapons created from the human soul. Tooru Kokonoe is excited about becoming a “Blaze” user, only to discover that his Blaze manifests as a shield. As he enters a school to enhance his combat skills, he ends up living with a silver-haired girl due to the school’s team system.

User Comments:

  • Some viewers found the dialogues and incomplete elements of the story to be lacking, but overall, it received mixed reviews.
  • The anime is criticized for leaving certain aspects of the story unexplored, leading to a somewhat unsatisfying ending.
  • Despite being labeled as ecchi, viewers mentioned that the ecchi content is limited, and the series is more of a “cookie-cutter” harem action show.
  • The character development and plot progression received both positive and negative feedback.

Overall Rating:

  • The anime has a rating of 8.64/10 based on the opinions of 2,223 users.

Note: While some viewers enjoyed the action and fantasy elements, others expressed disappointment in the incomplete storyline and character relationships. If you enjoy action with a school setting and supernatural elements, “Absolute Duo” might be worth checking out, but be aware that it has received mixed reviews.

Certainly, here is the combined information in a table format for the “Absolute Duo” episode list:

Absolute Duo Episode List

1[Episode Title][Brief summary of the episode][Yes/No]
2[Episode Title][Brief summary of the episode][Yes/No]
3[Episode Title][Brief summary of the episode][Yes/No]
12[Episode Title][Brief summary of the episode][Yes/No]


  1. savage: “The world and characters are nice, but some dialogues and the unfinished nature of it upset my stomach a bit. It’s not bad, though. It can be watched without getting bored.”
  2. kaanS: “A series left unfinished, with a weak romance, so 6/10.”
  3. Fatih Vural: “I won’t watch if there’s very little ecchi :)”
  4. CrazyG: “A crispy snack-like anime, but it can’t be said to be beautiful. Despite having an ecchi tag, there’s no ecchiness.”
  5. FullKurşun: “The drawings are not very good, the characters’ hair cut in front of their eyes looks very bad. 2/10”
  6. Alisafa: “The scenario varies from person to person. Look at the genres, and consider that it was made 8 years ago. Comparing with the drawings of that time may give a better perspective.”
  7. Enyalios07AE: “If I hadn’t watched the last 2 episodes, I would have thought it was a better anime. They messed up a lot in the last 2 episodes. They gave a final as if the 2nd season would come, but it won’t.”
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