Abashiri Ikka (The Abashiri Family)

“Abashiri Ikka” is an Original Video Animation (OVA) series that consists of 4 episodes. Also known as “The Abashiri Family,” this anime falls under the category of R+ (Mild Nudity), suitable for viewers aged 17 and above. The series was released on May 21, 1991, and concluded on the same day. The episodes have a relatively short runtime of approximately 18 minutes each.


  • Japanese Title: あばしり一家
  • English Title: The Abashiri Family
  • Anime Type: OVA (Original Video Animation)
  • Episode Count: 4 episodes
  • Release Date: May 21, 1991, Tuesday
  • Age Rating: R+ – Mild Nudity
  • Producer: Dynamic Planning
  • Studio: Studio Pierrot
  • Episode Duration: 18 minutes per episode

Synopsis: “The Abashiri Family” follows the story of a group of criminals led by a powerful and charismatic woman named Kikunosuke Abashiri. This group, known as the Abashiri family, is on the run from the law. The series combines action, comedy, and elements of the yakuza genre, providing a unique and entertaining viewing experience.

Note: Given the relatively short duration of each episode and the age rating, viewers should expect a fast-paced and potentially mature-themed storyline. The inclusion of mild nudity suggests that the anime may contain scenes or content suitable for older audiences.

Fans of action-comedy and crime genres might find “Abashiri Ikka” to be an interesting addition to their watchlist, particularly if they enjoy stories involving unique and unconventional characters.

Episode List

CategoryOther TitleJapanese TitleAnime TypeEpisodesStart DateEnd DateAge RatingStudioDuration
OVAThe Abashiri Familyあばしり一家4 / 4May 21, 1991May 21, 1991R+ – Low
Dynamic Planning18 mins
  1. Episode 1
  • Title: [Episode Title]
  • Summary: [Brief summary of the episode]
  • Filler: [Yes/No]
  1. Episode 2
  • Title: [Episode Title]
  • Summary: [Brief summary of the episode]
  • Filler: [Yes/No]
  1. Episode 3
  • Title: [Episode Title]
  • Summary: [Brief summary of the episode]
  • Filler: [Yes/No]
  1. Episode 4
  • Title: [Episode Title]
  • Summary: [Brief summary of the episode]
  • Filler: [Yes/No]


Feel free to share your thoughts on “Abashiri Ikka”! What did you like or dislike about the anime? Any memorable moments or characters? Share your opinions with your friends!

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