What Are You Wondering About ZEDDYWILL?

Meet ZeddyWill, the charismatic TikTok sensation born on January 3, 2002, in Queens, NY. At 22, this Capricorn social media star has captivated over 6 million followers with his distinctive “window talk” comedy series on the zeddywill TikTok account. What sets him apart in the realm of fast-talking POV videos?


BirthdateJanuary 3, 2002
Birth SignCapricorn
BirthplaceQueens, NY
Age22 years old
TikTok FollowersOver 6 million
Signature Series“Window talk” comedy series
TikTok StyleFast-talking POV videos
High School SportsRan track for high school and youth running club in Prospect Park, NY
First TikTok VideoPOV about his crush with over 1 million views
YouTube SubscribersOver 60 thousand on Zeddy Will’s channel
Family AppearanceHis mom featured on TikTok
City of OriginQueens, New York City
Notable TikTok PostSet to Pop Smoke’s “Get Back” in August 2020
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What Are You Wondering About ZEDDYWILL? 3

ZeddyWill, the dynamic TikTok personality, has become a household name on the platform with his engaging content and unique comedic style. Born on January 3, 2002, in Queens, NY, this 22-year-old Capricorn has amassed an impressive following of over 6 million on TikTok.

ZeddyWill is best known for his “window talk” comedy series, a distinctive feature on his zeddywill TikTok account. His videos, characterized by fast-talking point-of-view (POV) narratives, have set him apart in the competitive landscape of TikTok content creators. This signature style has resonated with audiences, contributing to his widespread popularity.

Before gaining fame on TikTok, ZeddyWill showcased his athleticism as a track runner for both his high school team and a youth running club in Prospect Park, New York. Beyond the track, his transition into the world of social media brought forth a new avenue for self-expression.

His TikTok journey kicked off with a bang as his first video, a POV about his crush, garnered over 1 million views. This initial success marked the beginning of a thriving presence on the platform. In addition to TikTok, ZeddyWill has expanded his digital footprint to YouTube, where he has accumulated over 60 thousand subscribers on his channel, Zeddy Will. On this platform, he shares an array of short comedy videos, further showcasing his versatility as an entertainer.

Family plays a role in ZeddyWill’s content, with his mom making appearances on his TikTok account. Hailing from Queens, New York City, ZeddyWill’s urban roots contribute to the relatability of his content, resonating with a diverse audience.

One notable TikTok post that gained attention was set to Pop Smoke’s “Get Back” in August 2020. This choice of music, coupled with ZeddyWill’s comedic flair, further solidified his presence in the TikTok community.

In conclusion, ZeddyWill’s journey as a TikTok star reflects not only his comedic talent but also his ability to connect with audiences through relatable and entertaining content. With a growing fanbase and a distinctive style, this 22-year-old Capricorn continues to make waves in the world of social media, leaving an indelible mark with his “window talk” series and fast-paced POV videos.

Zeddy Will: A Musical and TikTok Sensation

  1. YouTube Groove:
    • Event: Dive into Zeddy Will’s Musical World.
    • Highlight: Experience Zeddy Will’s music journey on YouTube, featuring hits like “Cha Cha” and insights like “My Opinion About My On The Radar Freestyle!”
  2. Instagram Vibes:
    • Event: Glamorous Moments on Instagram.
    • Highlight: Follow @thezeddywill on Instagram for a glimpse into the artist’s life, with 123K followers enjoying every musical beat and personal touch.
  3. TikTok Adventure:
    • Event: TikTok Charms with CBANDZZZ.
    • Highlight: Follow the charismatic @zeddywill on TikTok, where 6.6M followers witness the artistic brilliance and entertaining moments. Check out hits like “The Zeddywill ‘On The Radar’ Freestyle.”
  4. Genius Lyrics Exploration:
    • Event: Genius Insights into ZEDDY WILL.
    • Highlight: Dive deep into Zeddy Will’s lyrics and albums on Genius, understanding the essence of tracks like “Confidence is Key.”
  5. SoundCloud Symphony:
    • Event: SoundCloud Tracks Unleashed.
    • Highlight: Explore Zeddy Will’s SoundCloud realm with tracks like “Blah Blah” and “Zeddy’s Jam,” showcasing a variety of musical styles.
  6. Apple Music Melodies:
    • Event: Musical Bliss on Apple Music.
    • Highlight: Immerse yourself in Zeddy Will’s musical repertoire on Apple Music, discovering top songs like “Cha Cha” and “Confidence is Key.”
  7. On The Radar Radio:
    • Event: Freestyle Adventures.
    • Highlight: Tune in to Zeddy Will’s freestyle prowess on “On The Radar Radio,” witnessing the artist’s creativity in tracks like “On The Radar Freestyle.”
  8. Musical Collaborations:
    • Event: DJ Blackout’s Jamaican Mix.
    • Highlight: Experience the fusion of sounds with “Confidence is Key [DJ Blackout] (Jamaican Mix)” on SoundCloud, a testament to Zeddy Will’s versatility.
  9. TikTok Booking Info:
    • Event: Connect with CBANDZZZ.
    • Highlight: For bookings and business, reach out to sprez@powermovesinc.com, as Zeddy Will continues to captivate audiences with the rhythm of his art.
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