What Are You Wondering About KallMeKris?

Meet Kris Collins, the Canadian TikTok sensation born on July 1, 1996, captivating the digital world with her humor and charisma.


BornJuly 1, 1996
Birth SignCancer
Age27 Years Old
Popularity#371 Most Popular on TikTok
TikTok FansOver 50 Million Followers
YouTube SubscribersOver 10 Million
YouTube ChannelKallmekris
Notable VideoComedy skit about her dad (First to reach 1 million views)
RelationshipRomantically linked to Oompaville
Net Worth$1 Million
Height5 feet 5 inches
Figure Measurements34-28-40 inches
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorDark Brown

Kris Collins, born on July 1, 1996, in Canada, has become a force to be reckoned with in the digital realm, particularly on TikTok. With a stellar sense of humor and over 50 million followers on TikTok, Kris has carved a niche for herself in the vast landscape of social media.

Kris’s journey into the world of content creation began in April 2020 when she launched her TikTok account. Known as @kallmekris, she quickly rose to prominence, showcasing her comedic talent through skits that resonated with millions. Her breakthrough came with a comedy skit about her dad, which not only entertained but also marked the beginning of her videos reaching milestones, including the impressive feat of crossing 1 million views.

Beyond TikTok, Kris has expanded her presence to YouTube, where her channel ‘Kallmekris’ boasts over 10 million subscribers. Her content spans various genres, keeping her audience engaged with entertaining and interesting videos.

In her personal life, Kris has shared glimpses of her family, including her grandmother, mother, and father, on her Instagram account. Notably, her older sister, known as jessbeingjessica on TikTok, shares the social media spotlight. Kris’s father, Mr. Collins, is a businessman, and her mother, Mrs. Collins, is a homemaker. The family also includes three siblings: Alissa Collins, Jess Collins, and Jacob Collins.

While Kris has garnered attention for her comedic talents, her romantic life has also piqued interest. She has been romantically linked to Oompaville, adding a layer of curiosity to her personal narrative.

In terms of physical appearance, Kris Collins is a vision of beauty. Standing at 5 feet 5 inches, she possesses an attractive and curvaceous figure with measurements of 34-28-40 inches. Her blonde hair and dark brown eyes complement her overall charming personality.

The digital star’s net worth stands at an impressive $1 million, reflecting her success across various social media platforms and business ventures. Her growth is evident, with a steady increase in net worth over the years.

Beyond her online endeavors, Kris is a fashion blogger and a professional photographer, showcasing her multifaceted talents. With endorsements from popular fashion brands and a vast following on TikTok and Instagram, Kris Collins continues to make waves in the digital landscape.

Insights into Kris Collins’ Life:

  1. Social Media Stardom: Kris Collins, known as Kallmekris on TikTok, has skyrocketed to fame, boasting over 50 million followers on the platform. Her content primarily revolves around comedy skits, showcasing her humor and creativity.
  2. YouTube Success: Kris extends her influence to YouTube, where her channel, Kallmekris, has garnered over 10 million subscribers. This highlights her versatility in creating engaging content across multiple platforms.
  3. TikTok Breakthrough: Kris made her TikTok debut in April 2020, and her comedic skit about her dad became a breakthrough, earning over 1 million views. This early success set the stage for her rapid rise in the TikTok community.
  4. Family Bonds: Kris values her family and frequently shares moments with her grandmother, mother, father, and older sister on Instagram. Her older sister, known as jessbeingjessica, is also a popular TikTok creator. Kris comes from a well-settled Christian family in Canada.
  5. Romantic Link: Kris has been romantically linked to Oompaville, adding a layer of personal intrigue to her public persona.
  6. Entrepreneurial Pursuits: Beyond her social media success, Kris is involved in the fashion blogging scene and works as a professional photographer. Her Instagram showcases her fashion sense, and she endorses popular fashion brands on her social media accounts.

Details on Kris Collins’ Personal Life:

  1. Early Life: Born on July 1, 1996, Kris hails from Canada. She grew up in a Christian family, completing her early schooling at a local high school and later pursuing higher education at a local private university in Canada.
  2. Family Members: Kris’ father, Mr. Collins, is a businessman, while her mother, Mrs. Collins, is a homemaker. She has three siblings: sisters Alissa Collins and Jess Collins, and a brother named Jacob Collins.
  3. Relationship Status: As of the provided information, Kris Collins is unmarried and not currently dating anyone. Details about her past relationships are not disclosed.
  4. Physical Appearance: Kris is described as an extremely beautiful and attractive individual. She stands at approximately 5 feet 5 inches tall, with a curvaceous figure boasting measurements of 34-28-40 inches. Her captivating features include dark brown eyes and long, blonde hair.

Career Overview:

  1. TikTok Stardom: Kris commenced her career on TikTok, showcasing her comedic talents through skits on her Kallmekris account.
  2. YouTube Endeavors: The Canadian influencer expanded her reach to YouTube, where she creates diverse and entertaining content for her channel, Kallmekris.
  3. Social Media Popularity: Kris has amassed a significant following on TikTok, exceeding 50 million, and her Instagram account boasts over 945,000 followers.

Financial Success and Net Worth:

  1. Net Worth: As of 2024, Kris Collins’ net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million. She earns through her various social media platforms and engages in other business ventures.
  2. Growth Trajectory: Kris’s net worth has experienced steady growth over the years, reflecting her increasing popularity and success.

Additional Facts:

  1. Brand Endorsements: Kris collaborates with various fashion brands, endorsing them on her social media accounts.
  2. Versatility: Beyond her online career, Kris is recognized as a trending fashion blogger and a professional photographer.

In summary, Kris Collins has not only achieved remarkable success in the realm of social media but has also diversified her career, making her mark in fashion and photography. Her journey from TikTok stardom to YouTube prominence and entrepreneurial ventures contributes to her multifaceted and thriving career.

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