True Beauty TV Series

Explore the journey of a bullied teenager mastering the art of makeup in “True Beauty.” A story of resilience, love, and the challenges of wearing a different face in high school.

The Plot Unveiled

“True Beauty” unfolds the story of Lim Ju-kyung, a young soul who, once subjected to merciless bullying, discovers the power of makeup. Mastering the art, she rises to popularity in her new school. However, the facade of a different face is far more challenging than anticipated.

Stellar Cast

Starring Mun Ka-young, Cha Eun-woo, and Hwang In-youp, the cast breathes life into their characters, making “True Beauty” a captivating drama that resonates with viewers.

Season and Episode Highlights

The series, spanning one season, takes the audience through the highs and lows of Ju-kyung’s journey. Each episode reveals the intricacies of high school life, relationships, and self-discovery.

Episode Insights

Episode 1 – Season 1

As Ju-kyung faces merciless bullying, a fateful decision leads her to transfer to a new school, driven by her father’s misfortune.

Episode 2 – Season 1

Encountering Lee Soo-ho at a comic book store, Ju-kyung fears her secret might be exposed. Meanwhile, a familiar face captures her attention at school.

Episode 3 – Season 1

Afraid of her identity being revealed, Ju-kyung strikes a deal with Soo-ho to keep her secret. Han Seo-jun demands his helmet back.

Episode 4 – Season 1

As rumors of a love triangle circulate in school, Ju-kyung agrees to a date. Seo-jun and Ju-kyung discover a surprising connection between their mothers.

Episode 5 – Season 1

Ju-kyung utilizes her makeup skills to help a bullied girl. Soo-ho’s unexpected cruel behavior deeply hurts Ju-kyung.

Episode 6 – Season 1

Soo-ho’s father causes a scene at the school. Ju-kyung faces a tense encounter with those who bullied her in the past.

Episode 7 – Season 1

A star baseball player falls in love with Ju-kyung and begins to flirt with her. Ju-kyung witnesses Soo-ho consoling Kang Su-jin.

Episode 8 – Season 1

Soo-ho attempts to mend things with Ju-kyung on a school trip, but events don’t unfold as planned. Seo-jun continues to vie for Ju-kyung’s attention.

Episode 9 – Season 1

Ju-kyung starts looking for a part-time job and secretly dates Soo-ho to avoid causing a stir at school.

Episode 10 – Season 1

When Su-jin confesses her true feelings for Soo-ho, Ju-kyung finds herself in a dilemma. She discovers she works at the same place as Seo-jun.

Episode 11 – Season 1

Ju-kyung confesses the truth about her love life to Su-jin. Soo-ho and Seo-jun, hospitalized, begin to repair their relationships.

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Episode 12 – Season 1

Encountering a classmate from her old school at the new one, Ju-kyung panics. Su-jin confesses her true feelings to Soo-ho.

Episode 13 – Season 1

Ju-kyung’s life turns upside down as the entire school learns her secret. Meanwhile, Seo-jun tries to find out who’s responsible for the revelation.

Episode 14 – Season 1

Ju-kyung bravely faces those who bullied her without makeup. The school learns the identity of the one who exposed Ju-kyung’s secret.

Episode 15 – Season 1

After dealing with Soo-ho’s concerns about his overseas father, Ju-kyung receives bad news. Seo-jun confesses his true feelings to Ju-kyung.

Episode 16 – Season 1

Hearing about Soo-ho’s departure, Ju-kyung rushes to his house. A candid conversation unfolds between her and Su-jin.

More Details:

  • Watch offline.
  • Download and enjoy anywhere.
  • Genres: Korean Productions, Youth Dramas, Romantic Comedy Dramas, Dramas Adapted from Webtoons.

Main Cast:

Mun Ka-youngLim Ju-kyung
Cha Eun-wooLee Soo-ho
Hwang In-youpHan Seo-jun
Park You-na
Chang Hyae-jin
Park Ho-san
Lim Se-mi
Kim Min-gi
Jeong Jun-ho
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