Things We Didn’t Know Before About COLBY BROCK

Discover the journey of Colby Brock, the courageous YouTuber who, alongside Sam Golbach, explores the eerie and haunted for millions of subscribers.


BornJanuary 2, 1997
BirthplaceKansas, USA
Birth SignCapricorn
Age27 Years Old
Popularity#51 Most Popular YouTube Star
YouTube SubscribersOver 11 Million
Content StyleHaunted Exploration, Horror Content
Vine SuccessOver 1 Million Followers Before Shutdown
Health ChallengeDiagnosed with Testicular Cancer (February 2023)
RecoveryDeclared Cancer-Free (July 2023)
FamilyBrother Named Gage
Notable CollaborationWith Jack Dytrych and Amber Scholl

Things We Didn't Know Before About COLBY BROCK 3

Colby Brock, born Cole Robert Colby Brock on January 2, 1997, in Kansas, USA, has become a household name in the YouTube sphere, captivating audiences with his daring exploration of haunted houses and spooky locales. As one half of the dynamic duo Sam and Colby, alongside his friend Sam Golbach, the duo transitioned from Vine to YouTube, amassing a massive following of over 11 million subscribers.

The journey to digital stardom began for Colby and Sam when they achieved their first 10,000 followers on Vine in January 2014, quickly escalating to 100,000 followers by April of the same year. Their Vine account, known for its engaging and thrilling content, garnered over 1 million followers before the platform’s shutdown.

Colby’s distinctive approach to content creation involves delving into the supernatural, exploring haunted places, and sharing spine-chilling experiences with their dedicated audience. This unique content style contributed significantly to their popularity on YouTube.

However, Colby faced a formidable challenge in February 2023 when he bravely shared with his fans that he had been diagnosed with testicular cancer. Undeterred, he underwent surgery, which proved successful, and in July 2023, he joyfully declared himself cancer-free. His openness about this health journey garnered immense support and admiration from his fans.

Despite the challenges, Colby continued to create content and explore the realms of horror and fear. His personal YouTube channel, self-titled as Colby Brock, serves as an additional platform for sharing his love for horror-related content.

In addition to his digital ventures, Colby’s personal life is relatively private. He hails from Stanley, Kansas, and has a brother named Gage. Colby’s collaborations extend beyond his partnership with Sam Golbach; he has created content with influencers like Jack Dytrych and Amber Scholl.

While Colby Brock’s journey has seen moments of both triumph and adversity, his resilience, courage, and authentic storytelling have solidified his place in the hearts of millions.

5 Interesting Facts about Colby Brock:

  1. Sam and Colby Duo: Colby Brock rose to fame as one-half of the duo “Sam and Colby” alongside Sam Golbach. The pair gained popularity on Vine before the platform shut down.
  2. Social Media Presence: Colby has a significant presence on social media platforms, particularly Instagram, where he boasts more than 1.5 million followers. Additionally, he has over two million subscribers on YouTube.
  3. Collaborations: Apart from his collaboration with Sam Golbach, Colby Brock has collaborated with other social media influencers, including Jack Dytrych.
  4. Acting Career: Colby has made appearances in various TV series, such as “Seriously.TV,” “Fill in the [Prank],” “The Graveyard,” “Stranded with Sam and Colby,” and “Bestie Picks Bae.” In 2019, he won a Streamy Award for Best Action or Sci-Fi Series.
  5. MetaLife CEO: Colby Brock is the CEO of a company called MetaLife. Details about the company’s focus or industry are not provided, but it adds a layer to his entrepreneurial endeavors.

3 Questions and Answers about Colby Brock:

  1. Q: What award did Colby Brock win in 2019?
    • A: In 2019, Colby Brock won a Streamy Award for Best Action or Sci-Fi Series.
  2. Q: What is Colby Brock’s role in the company MetaLife?
    • A: Colby Brock serves as the CEO of MetaLife. The specific focus or industry of the company is not mentioned.
  3. Q: How did Colby Brock gain fame on Vine?
    • A: Colby Brock gained fame on Vine as part of the duo “Sam and Colby” with Sam Golbach. Their content on the platform garnered a significant following before Vine’s closure.
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