Spicy ‘Would You Rather’ Questions: Ignite the Fire!

Get ready for a sizzling adventure with our spicy ‘Would You Rather’ questions!

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‘Would You Rather’ Game for Hen Parties

At GoHen, we believe in turning dull hen parties into fab, giggle-filled evenings that you and your girls will cherish forever. Forget about the ordinary – let’s dive into a world of hilarious ‘Would You Rather’ questions that will have your group roaring with laughter and bonding like never before. We’ve curated a list that ranges from the funny and weird to the downright outrageous, guaranteeing a night you won’t soon forget.

Spicy Would You Rather Questions Ignite the Fire 3
Spicy 'Would You Rather' Questions: Ignite the Fire! 5

Funny Would You Rather Questions: A Giggle-Filled Extravaganza

1. Incredibly Annoying Voice or Really Deep Manly Voice?

Would you rather have an incredibly annoying high-pitched voice that makes people cringe or a deep, manly voice that surprises everyone?

2. Moustache for a Year or Permanently Hairy Legs for Ten Years?

Would you rather sport a full-blown moustache for a year or endure permanently hairy legs for a decade? Tough choices, right?

3. Phone Abandonment or a Lifetime of Crocs?

Would you rather give up your beloved phone or commit to a lifetime of only wearing Crocs? The ultimate fashion dilemma awaits!

4. Toilet Clog on a First Date or First Day at a New Job?

Imagine the scene: first date or first day at a new job – and you clog the toilet. What’s your pick?

5. Abnormally Big Toe or Abnormally Big Ear?

Would you rather have an abnormally big toe that’s hard to ignore or an attention-grabbing, oversized ear?

6. Three Feet Tall or Eight Feet Tall?

Navigate the challenges of everyday life as a pint-sized three-footer or tower over everyone at a staggering eight feet tall – which would you choose?

7. Naked at Work or Naked Two Miles from Home?

Take your pick: an hour of nudity at work or being dropped off two miles from home, naked, and having to make it back. Decisions, decisions!

8. Cheese Sun Scent or Fortnight-Old Hamster Cage?

Embrace the aroma: would you rather smell like cheese left in the sun or a hamster cage that hasn’t seen a cleaning brush in a fortnight?

Is it better to be a mad genius with unparalleled intellect or bask in popularity despite a few missing brain cells?

10. Never-Ending Nose or Ever-Expanding Ears?

An eternal dilemma: a nose that never stops growing or ears that grow endlessly – pick your facial feature adventure.

Dirty Would You Rather Questions: Spice Up the Evening

Spicy Would You Rather Questions Ignite the Fire 2
Spicy 'Would You Rather' Questions: Ignite the Fire! 6

1. Whip or Be Whipped?

Dive into the realm of desires: would you rather take control with a whip or surrender to a little punishment?

2. Hair Pull or Back Scratch?

Explore the sensual: is it a passionate hair pull or a tantalizing back scratch that gets your vote?

3. Dominate or Be Dominated?

Step into the world of power dynamics: do you prefer to take charge or relinquish control?

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4. Sex Toys Galore or Kinky Outfits Overload?

Closet choices: would you rather have a cupboard full of sex toys or an array of daring, kinky outfits?

5. First-Date Passion or Six-Month Wait?

The age-old dilemma: is it a passionate first date or the patience of waiting for six months that ignites your desires?

6. Ten Minutes of Unbelievable or an Hour of Average?

Quality over quantity or endurance over intensity – make your pick for a memorable night.

7. Kinky or Romantic Partner?

Explore the depths of relationships: is it the thrill of kinkiness or the comfort of romance that draws you in?

8. Swallow or Spit?

Choose your adventure: is it a swallow or a spit that defines your intimate moments?

9. Light On or Light Off?

Set the mood: do you prefer the intimacy with the light on or the mystery in the dark?

10. Shower or Kitchen Table?

Location matters: would you rather indulge in steamy shower escapades or venture onto the kitchen table for some excitement?

Hard Would You Rather Questions: Navigate the Tough Choices

1. Naughty Picture Mishap: Dad or Boss?

Picture this: accidentally sending a naughty picture – would you rather it go to your dad or your boss?

2. Sex or Food: The Ultimate Sacrifice?

Survival mode: would you rather give up sex or part ways with your favorite foods?

3. Awkward Encounter: Parents or Snakes?

Prepare for awkwardness: is it stumbling upon your parents in an intimate moment or sharing a phone box with ten snakes that sends shivers down your spine?

4. Ex’s Name or Best Friend’s Name?

In the heat of the moment: would you rather accidentally say your ex’s name or your partner’s best friend’s name?

5. Age Dilemma: Face of a Pensioner or Body of a Pensioner?

Navigate the age paradox: do you want the face of a pensioner with the body of a twenty-year-old or vice versa?

6. Funny Stupid or Boring Smart?

Pick your persona: is it better to be the life of the party with a few screws loose or the genius who brings boredom?

7. Fame or Fortune?

Dream big: would you rather be famous and adored by millions or silently wealthy beyond imagination?

8. Love or a Million Pounds?

Unravel the mysteries of the heart: is it true love you seek or a million pounds that make your heart race?

9. Travel or Eat: The Endless Pleasure?

Indulge your desires: would you rather travel to every corner of the world for free or savor every culinary delight without spending a dime?

10. Island Dilemma: Alone or Hated Company?

Picture this: eternal isolation on an island – would you prefer solitude or the torment of being stuck with someone you despise?

Weird Would You Rather Questions – Eccentric

Spicy Would You Rather Questions Ignite the Fire 1
Spicy 'Would You Rather' Questions: Ignite the Fire! 7

1. Limb Choices: Mr. Tickle Arms or E.T. Legs?

Limb preferences: would you rather have arms as long as Mr. Tickle or legs as short as E.T.?

2. Fork vs. Jellyfish: Pool Challenge!

Unconventional tasks: empty a swimming pool with just a fork or spend half an hour in a pool with a jellyfish – decide your aquatic adventure!

3. Soup Source: Welly or Sock?

Sip in style: enjoy your soup from a farmer’s welly or a binman’s sock – culinary creativity at its finest.

4. Senses Dilemma: Smell or Taste?

Lose a sense: would you rather live without the sweet aromas of the world or the delightful taste of your favorite dishes?

5. Facial Choice: Tattoo or Toothless?

Wear your choices: proudly display your name tattooed on your forehead or embrace a toothless grin – which unique facial statement suits you?

6. Belly Button Milk Madness: Daily Routine!

Daily rituals: would you rather let a crusty old man drink milk from your belly button for a year or reciprocate the gesture for a month?

7. Animal Confrontation: Kangaroo or Badger?

Nature’s challenge: face off against a kangaroo or a badger – who will emerge victorious in this quirky showdown?

8. Edible Oddities: Wet Bread or Whipped Fish?

Gourmet choices: would you rather indulge in a wet loaf of bread or gulp down a pint of whipped fish?

9. Movement Preference: Dance or Sing?

Unique abilities: traverse the world dancing instead of walking or communicate solely through song – which enchanting ability captures your imagination?

10. Bedfellows: Walrus or Eel?

Nighttime companions: cuddle up with a walrus or cozy up to an eel – explore the depths of unconventional sleepovers.

Deep Would You Rather Questions: Dive into Existential Dilemmas

1. Senses or Sight?

Perceive the world: would you rather live without the vibrant colors of the world or the taste sensations that bring joy?

2. Fate or Destiny?

Unravel the mysteries: know the method of your demise or the exact moment it will occur – choose your path wisely.

3. Time Travel or Future Vision?

Embrace the unknown: wield the power to alter history or catch a glimpse into the future – which temporal ability calls to you?

4. Earthly Magic or Magical Land?

Fantasy dilemmas: reside on Earth with magical abilities or inhabit a fantastical realm with no special powers – where does your heart belong?

5. Passion or Love?

Navigate the heart’s desires: uncover your deepest passion or find the love of your life – which path leads to fulfillment?

6. Intelligence or Beauty?

Choose your partner: an intelligent companion who challenges your mind or a stunning beauty who captivates your soul?

7. Origin or End?

Unlock the universe’s secrets: discover the genesis of existence or witness its ultimate conclusion – which cosmic revelation beckons you?

8. Eternal Seasons: Summer or Winter?

Seasonal bliss: revel in perpetual summer’s warmth or embrace the icy embrace of everlasting winter – where does your seasonal allegiance lie?

9. Flight or Invisibility?

Embrace your powers: soar through the skies with the gift of flight or vanish from sight with the cloak of invisibility – which supernatural ability entices you?

10. Isolation Dilemma: Solitude or Hate?

Confront loneliness: endure eternity alone or share your exile with a hated adversary – which isolation scenario haunts your dreams?

Heyy: Let the Laughter Roar!

In the world of hen parties, laughter reigns supreme, and with our ultimate ‘Would You Rather’ game, you’re guaranteed a night of unforgettable moments, uproarious laughter, and everlasting bonds. So, gather your girls, prepare to make tough choices, and let the laughter roar through the night – because at GoHen, unforgettable memories are just a question away!

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