One Piece Film: Red – A Cinematic Journey Through the Grand Line

The anticipation surrounding “One Piece Film: Red” has reached a fever pitch, with fans eagerly seeking showtimes and details on this cinematic voyage through Eiichiro Oda’s captivating universe. As the animated epic unfolds on the big screen, let’s explore the key aspects, showtimes, and where you can experience this thrilling chapter of the One Piece saga.

One Piece Film Red A Cinematic Journey Through the Grand Line 2
One Piece Film: Red - A Cinematic Journey Through the Grand Line 4

Showtimes and Locations

AMC Theatres

Discover the showtimes for “One Piece Film: Red” at your nearest AMC movie theater. Immerse yourself in the action, check out trailers, and secure your tickets for a cinematic adventure like no other.

AMC Theatres – One Piece Film Red Showtimes


Unveil the magic of “One Piece Film: Red” on Fandango. Delve into additional movie information, explore the genre of this action-packed animated film, and witness the release on Friday, Nov 4, 2022.

Fandango – One Piece Film Red Showtimes

Landmark Cinemas

Experience “One Piece Film: Red” in theaters starting from November 4, 2022. Landmark Cinemas brings you the Japanese version with English subtitles, ensuring an authentic and immersive cinematic journey.

Landmark Cinemas – One Piece Film Red Showtimes


For an unparalleled visual experience, check out “One Piece Film: Red” in IMAX. Directed by Eiichiro Oda, this animated masterpiece promises a duration of 1 hour and 55 minutes, ensuring a cinematic spectacle on the grandest scale.

IMAX – One Piece Film Red


Find showtimes, reviews, and details about the action-adventure anime, “One Piece Film: Red” on BookMyShow. Whether you prefer Japanese or Hindi, this cinematic journey awaits you in a theatre near you.

BookMyShow – One Piece Film Red

One Piece Film Red A Cinematic Journey Through the Grand Line 1
One Piece Film: Red - A Cinematic Journey Through the Grand Line 5

SM Cinema

Watch the official trailer, get acquainted with the cast, and mark your calendar for the release date of “One Piece Film: Red” at SM Cinema. Join the excitement and be part of the cinematic celebration.

SM Cinema – One Piece Film Red

Flix Brewhouse

Browse the latest showtimes for the dubbed version of “One Piece Film: Red” at Flix Brewhouse. Secure your tickets online in advance and prepare for a cinematic experience that transcends the boundaries of the Grand Line.

Flix Brewhouse – One Piece Film Red Showtimes

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Cinema Online

Find showtimes and book tickets for “One Piece Film: Red” at a cinema near you. Dive into the synopsis and immerse yourself in the world of Uta, the beloved singer in this animated adventure.

Cinema Online – One Piece Film Red


Discover showtimes for “One Piece Film – Red” in Japan 2022 on Cineman. Explore user ratings and get ready for a 115-minute journey through the vivid landscapes of the One Piece universe.

Cineman – One Piece Film – Red


Wondering how to watch “One Piece Film: Red”? IGN provides all the details, from showtimes to streaming information. Stay informed and embark on this shonen anime movie adventure.

IGN – One Piece Film: Red

Beyond the Theatrical Odyssey

As the search for showtimes intensifies, the journey through “One Piece Film: Red” promises an immersive experience for fans and newcomers alike. Whether you choose the grandeur of IMAX or the comfort of your local cinema, the Grand Line awaits, and the legacy of Monkey D. Luffy continues to unfold on the big screen.

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