Love Island All Stars predictions – girl leaves, ‘naughty’ show and legend returns

That being said, if we consider the predictions made by the celebrity psychic and body language expert Inbaal Honigman:

Love Island All Stars predictions – girl leaves, 'naughty' show and legend returns 16

Love Island All Stars has kicked off with a bang with exes being reunited and new romances blossoming as former contestants return to the villa.

Following the departure of Jake Cornish, 11 contestants are currently battling it out to win the eye-watering £50,000 prize fund as well as the title of becoming All Stars winners.

Over the next five weeks, host Maya Jama will be on hand to chat to each of the Islanders as they get dumped from the villa as only one lucky couple can be crowned champions.

As the cast of All Stars settle into their lavish South Africa villa, celebrity psychic and body language expert Inbaal Honigman has shared some interesting predictions with Daily Star.

  1. Callum Jones: Predicted to be warm and emotional, not interested in bed-hopping. Shock moment: Saying the L word too soon.
  2. Molly Smith: Described as ambitious and focused on her business. Shock moment: Leaving a date halfway.
  3. Mitchel Taylor: Labeled as a dreamer ready for the next stage in his life. Shock moment: Lifting a date in the air, as if dancing.
  4. Liberty Poole: Described as passionate, divisive, and likely to create drama. Shock moment: Being a surprise dumper, jumping from one love story to the next.
  5. Luis Morrison: Considered independent, unable to handle relationships. Shock moment: Playing two girls at once.
  6. Demi Jones: Characterized as honest and open, with honesty getting her in trouble. Shock moment: Revealing any cheating.
  7. Hannah Elizabeth: Predicted to reveal her naughty side to everyone’s astonishment.
  8. Georgia Steel: Labeled as independent, with a challenging time on the show. Shock moment: Stopping talking to some girls due to finding them dishonest.
  9. Anton Danyluk: Described as temperamental and potentially the most surprising contestant. Shock moment: An outburst turning violent.
  10. Chris Taylor: Seen as powerful and liking to be in charge. Shock moment: Struggling to find his perfect partner due to overpowering ways.
  11. Kaz Kamwi: Predicted to be smart, flexible, and a peacekeeper. Shock moment: Playing matchmaker and getting another couple together.
  12. Toby Aromolaran: Described as excitable, falling in love easily. Shock moment: Facing his old Love Island ex in a twist recoupling.
  13. Georgia Harrison: Considered insecure, may decide to leave early due to feeling uneasy.

Callum Jones – 2 of Cups

Callum Jones
Love Island’s Callum Jones is “not interested in bed-hopping” (Image: ITV2)

Romantic Callum is not looking to play games. Callum may think he’s single and ready to mingle after his long relationship with fellow contestant Mol, but in truth, he loves to be in love.

His time in the villa will reveal him to be a warm and emotional guy who favours loyalty. He’s not interested in bed-hopping, he will fall in love and stay in love. Shock moment: Saying the L word too soon.

Molly Smith – 3 of Pentacles

Molly Smith
Molly Smith is “not there to find a man” (Image: ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

Aggressive Molly isn’t there to track down a man. Molly will be satisfied assuming she ends up managing everything well with somebody, however love isn’t extremely important to her – business is.

Her time in the manor will be spent presenting and exhibiting her capacities. She’s reasoning of her business back home. We’ll see her pair up with the most famous person, to guarantee segment inches. Shock second: Leaving a date midway.

Mitchel Taylor – The Star card

Mitchel Taylor
Mitch Taylor is “really ready for the next stage in his life” (Image: ITV)

Dreamer Mitch doesn’t want to waste any time in finding his soulmate. His focus in life has been in making his wishes come true, and he’s invested time and effort in achieving his goals, and now he feels that it’s time to find love.

He’ll throw himself into every challenge and every twist and turn along the way, because he’s really ready for the next stage in his life, and wants to walk out holding hands with the girl of his dreams. Shock moment: Lifting a date in the air, as if dancing.

Liberty Poole -Prince of Wands

Liberty Poole
Liberty Poole will “divide opinions in the villa” (Image: ITV2)

Passionate Liberty can’t stay still. Liberty may see herself as a great catch, and of course her beauty is unmatched, but what makes her really unique is her fiery spirit, and not everyone appreciates a lady with strong personal views.

She’ll divide opinions in the villa. Love her or hate her, no one will stay indifferent to Liberty. She can’t exist in a boring situation, and will create drama even where there is none. Shock moment: She’ll be a surprise dumper, jumping from one love story to the next.

Luis Morrison – The Magician card

Luis Morrison
Luis Morrison “can’t hack relationships” (Image: ITV)

Free Luis can’t pay attention to exhortation. Luis might consider himself to be a drawing in and skilled person, yet in undeniable reality he can’t hack connections.

His time in the manor will be spent attempting to dazzle the women, and, surprisingly, the gentlemen. His wheeler-vendor persona will be a success with some, yet he’s an over the top nonconformist and doesn’t have any desire to be secured. Shock second: He’ll play two young ladies immediately.

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Demi Jones – Sovereign of Blades

Demi Jones
Demi Jones’ honesty “will get her in trouble” (Image: ITV)

Honest Demi can’t keep a secret. Demi knows she’s an honest and open communicator, and feels that it makes her a great friend to the other ladies, and a lovely partner to one of the guys, but her honesty will get her in trouble.

Demi means well and thinks the best of everyone, she’s not interested in drama, but drama follows her. Relationships are hard for her because she’s independent, but she’ll find her role in the group dynamics as the whistle-blower. Shock moment: She’ll be the one to reveal any cheating.

Hannah Elizabeth – Temperance

Hannah Elizabeth
Hannah Elizabeth “will reveal her naughty side to everyone’s astonishment” (Image: ITV)

Creative Hannah has a knack for weaving stories and creating scenarios. She’ll try to tell others what to do – which will appear controlling, but her intent is not to rule, only to help.

Hannah loves perfect equality in a relationship, and will find a guy who’s loving, not the one with the most shredded torso. She loves the experience of going on the show again and will enjoy every challenge. Shock moment: Hannah will reveal her naughty side to everyone’s astonishment.

Georgia Steel – Prince of Swords

Georgia Steel
Georgia Steel’s time on the show “could be challenging this time around” (Image: ITV)

Free Georgia can’t tolerate following requests, and her experience on the show could be testing this time around. Her character is more grounded now and safer, and she’ll battle to conform.

She would especially not like to track down adoration, since she actually needs to travel and see the world. Her desire in life is to be a nonconformist, and consequently she’s not exactly searching for a relationship. Shock second: She’ll quit conversing with two or three the young ladies since she’ll think that they are exploitative.

Anton Danyluk – The Pinnacle card

Anton Danyluk
Anton Danyluk “could be the most surprising contestant of the season” (Image: ITV)

Temperamental Anton could be the most surprising contestant of the season. He thinks he’s fun and fancy-free but in actuality he’s quite moody and unpredictable.

There are arguments around him, raised voices and anxiety, he’ll need a best bud to keep him in check. If he finds a lovely girl in the villa, he’s at risk of alienating her, because he’s not in control of his moods. Shock moment: An outburst could turn violent.

Chris Taylor – The Emperor card

Chris Taylor
Chris Taylor “likes being in charge” (Image: ITV)

Powerful Chris likes being in charge. He sees himself as a fair and helpful guy, but in actual fact he’d get very upset if anyone doesn’t follow his requests. He’s a father figure and wants to be the smartest, most knowledgeable, most interesting person in the room.

Chris could find a girl who’s good at listening and doesn’t mind his overpowering ways, but the ladies on the show are strong personalities themselves, so he’ll struggle to meet his perfect partner. Shock moment: One challenge will see him nominated to be in charge, and he’ll take it too far.

Kaz Kamwi -The Wheel of Fortune

Kaz Kamwi
Kaz Kamwi is there to find love (Image: ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

Smart Kaz knows how to be flexible when it matters. She’ll go with the flow and make the best of every situation. Kaz is there to find love, but she’s aware that there’s so much more to life than that – she’s also there to make friends for life, and if possible, also business collaborations.

The most mature girl in the villa, she’ll be the peace keeper, and her attractive personality will ensure her popularity. Shock moment: Kaz will be the one to get another couple together, as a matchmaker.

Toby Aromolaran – 4 of Wands

Toby Aromolaran
Toby Aromolaran falls in love with any lady he gets close to. (Image: ITV)

Excitable Toby wants to meet a red-hot lady to together with. He thinks he makes a nice friend to both boys and girls, but before too long, he falls in love with any lady he gets close to.

Toby is attracted to girls who are very different to him. He gets to be the bad boy, she gets to be the dainty girl. He will switch couples a lot on the show, and will struggle to think with his brain and not his pants. Shock moment: A twist recoupling will bring him face to face with his old Love Island ex. Could Chloe Burrows be the next bombshell?

Georgia Harrison – 9 of Swords

Georgia Harrison
Georgia Harrison “may decide to leave early due to feeling uneasy” (Image: ITV)

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Uncertain Georgia utilizes humor and appeal to claim to be certain, yet all the same within, she’s exceptionally self-questioning. Georgia’s conduct will seem irregular, since she feels less flawless and less exceptional than different young ladies on the show and will have a hard time believing in her capacity to engage the men.

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