Lauryn Goodman Reveals DNA Test to Prove Kyle Walker’s Fatherhood

In a shocking revelation, model Lauryn Goodman disclosed that she provided a DNA test to Annie Kilner, the wife of Manchester City and England defender Kyle Walker, confirming that Walker fathered a child with her during an affair. This revelation came after Goodman sent a Boxing Day text to Kilner, informing her of the situation.

The 32-year-old model, who already shares a three-year-old son named Kairo with Walker, detailed the extent to which she went to prove the paternity of their almost six-month-old daughter. Walker and Goodman’s relationship began during a period when Walker and Kilner were temporarily separated.

Despite Walker repeatedly denying the paternity of the child, Goodman felt compelled to share the truth with Kilner. She explained that she showed Kilner the DNA test results, emphasizing the child’s name on the paperwork to dispel any doubts.

Kilner, who married Walker in 2021, has reportedly separated from the footballer in the wake of this revelation. The couple shares three sons together. Walker played a full 90 minutes in Manchester City’s recent victory over Newcastle, providing an assist for Bernardo Silva’s goal.

The situation has garnered criticism, with some blaming Goodman for her role in the breakdown of Walker’s marriage. However, Goodman defended her actions, stating that Kilner and the children deserved to know the truth. Walker’s double life has recently come under public scrutiny, including details of a second love child with Goodman.

As the story unfolds, it continues to captivate attention and stir discussions about relationships, fidelity, and the impact of public figures’ personal lives on their public image.

Lauryn Goodman Reveals DNA Test to Prove Kyle Walkers Fatherhood 1
Lauryn Goodman Reveals DNA Test to Prove Kyle Walker's Fatherhood 9

1. Lauryn Goodman’s Revelation: The DNA Test Drama


  • What revelation did Lauryn Goodman make about Kyle Walker, and how did she provide proof to his wife, Annie Kilner, regarding their alleged daughter?


  • Lauryn Goodman disclosed that she had a daughter with Kyle Walker and, on Boxing Day, sent Annie Kilner a text revealing this information. To substantiate her claim, Lauryn provided Annie with a DNA test confirming that the almost six-month-old girl was indeed fathered by Walker.

2. A Relationship’s Complex History


  • What is the history of Kyle Walker’s relationship with Lauryn Goodman, and how did Annie Kilner react to the revelation?


  • Walker and Goodman had a previous relationship that resulted in a three-year-old son, Kairo. Annie Kilner, Walker’s wife since 2021, was shown proof of Walker’s alleged affair with Goodman and their daughter through the DNA test. Despite Walker’s denial, Kilner had doubts until Lauryn pointed out their daughter’s name on the paperwork.

3. Strains in Walker and Kilner’s Marriage


  • How has Walker and Kilner’s marriage been affected by this revelation, and what is the latest update on their relationship?


  • It is reported that, following this controversy, Annie Kilner has separated from Kyle Walker. The strain in their marriage seems to stem from Walker’s alleged affair with Lauryn Goodman and the subsequent revelation about their daughter.

4. Lauryn Goodman’s Efforts for Truth


  • What efforts did Lauryn Goodman make to ensure that Annie Kilner learned the truth about Kyle Walker’s alleged daughter, and how did Walker respond to the situation?


  • Lauryn persistently urged Kyle Walker to inform Annie about their daughter, emphasizing the importance of revealing the truth to his wife. Despite Walker’s repeated denials, Lauryn took the initiative to provide undeniable evidence through the DNA test.

5. Public Backlash and Goodman’s Justification


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  • How has Lauryn Goodman been received by the public in light of her involvement in Walker and Kilner’s marriage issues, and what is her response to the criticism?


  • Lauryn Goodman has faced criticism for her role in the breakdown of Walker and Kilner’s marriage. Despite the backlash, she defended her actions by asserting that both Annie Kilner and their children deserved to know the truth about Walker’s alleged paternity and relationship with his children.
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