Kulüp TV Series

“Step into the captivating 1950s Istanbul with ‘Kulüp,’ a drama filled with family, secrets, and a mother’s quest for redemption. Now on Netflix!”

Kulüp: A Tale of Redemption in 1950s Istanbul

“Kulüp,” a Turkish drama series set in the cosmopolitan backdrop of 1950s Istanbul, revolves around a mother seeking to reconnect with her rebellious daughter due to her troubled past. Starring Gökçe Bahadır, Barış Arduç, and Salih Bademci, the show explores the complexities of family bonds.

The Plot Unveiled

The series follows the story of Matilda, a mother who, due to her turbulent history, starts working in a nightclub to rebuild a connection with her defiant daughter, Raşel. Secrets, struggles, and the vibrant atmosphere of Istanbul in the 1950s create a compelling narrative.

Season Highlights and Key Episodes

  1. Season 1, Episode 1 (55 min):
    • Matilda, fresh out of prison, seeks answers about her daughter Raşel from a local rabbi.
    • Raşel’s fate is entangled with the nightclub manager Çelebi seeking revenge.
  2. Season 2, Episode 1 (52 min):
    • Matilda’s attempts to meet Raşel face obstacles, and Selim deals with an unexpected guest.
    • The series maintains a suspenseful atmosphere leading up to the opening night.

Netflix Streaming Experience

With all episodes available for streaming, Netflix provides an immersive experience for viewers to delve into the emotional intricacies of “Kulüp.” The flexibility of offline viewing adds convenience to the audience.

Quotes and Viewer Reactions:

“Gripping storytelling and stellar performances make ‘Kulüp’ a must-watch drama.”

“The series beautifully captures the essence of Istanbul in the 1950s, adding depth to the characters’ struggles.”

“Gökçe Bahadır and Barış Arduç’s on-screen chemistry elevates the emotional resonance of the show.”

Kulüp – Seasons 1-2 Overview

  • Year: 2021
  • Maturity Level: 18+
  • Seasons: 2
  • Genre: Drama
  • Summary: Set in the cosmopolitan Istanbul of the 1950s, a mother, unable to connect with her rebellious daughter due to a troubled past, starts working in a nightclub to rebuild their relationship.

Main Cast:

  • Gökçe Bahadır
  • Barış Arduç
  • Salih Bademci


  • Zeynep Günay Tan

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Seasons and Episodes:

  • Season 1
    • Year: 2021
    • Synopsis: A mother in 1950s cosmopolitan Istanbul starts working in a nightclub to reconnect with her rebellious daughter.
    1. Episode 1: Matilda, just released from prison, visits the Rabbi to inquire about her daughter Raşel. However, Raşel’s fate is in the hands of the nightclub manager Çelebi, who seeks revenge.
    2. Episode 2: Matilda’s efforts to meet Raşel yield no results. Selim deals with an unexpected guest before the much-anticipated opening night.
    3. Episode 3: Matilda tells Raşel about a family tragedy but hides a crucial detail. Raşel’s relationship with İsmet drives Matilda crazy.
    4. Episode 4: Raşel presses Matilda to learn the truth about her father. Mordo confronts İsmet. Matilda, investigating Çelebi’s past, reveals her connection to him.
    5. Episode 5: Raşel faces a difficult choice. Tension rises between Matilda and Çelebi. As the political climate changes, Orhan’s concerns grow.
    6. Episode 6: Selim receives tragic news just before going on stage. Orhan confronts Çelebi about what he did to Matilda.
    7. Episode 7: Faced with Çelebi’s shocking revelation, Selim compromises for Matilda’s well-being. Orhan takes on a dangerous task to protect Mevhibe.
    8. Episode 8: Raşel escapes and goes to İsmet’s house. İsmet makes a surprising decision. Çelebi, now with more power at the club, reveals an event from his past to Matilda.
    9. Episode 9: Kürşat, probing into Orhan’s past, tries to win over Çelebi. Matilda confesses and makes a crucial decision. İsmet and Raşel are in doubt.
    10. Episode 10: Kürşat catches Orhan off guard, but Mevhibe intervenes. Tensions rise in the streets as Matilda searches for Raşel everywhere. Finding a safe haven becomes more difficult.

Additional Details:

  • Offline Watching Available
  • Download and Watch Anywhere

Turkish Drama Series:

  • Bittersweet
  • Intimate
  • Emotional

About Kulüp:

  • A story set in 1950s Istanbul, following a mother’s journey to reconnect with her daughter by working in a nightclub.
  • Explores family dynamics, secrets, and the challenges of the era.
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