Facts about Instagram Star Chrisean Rock

Chrisean Rock, born on March 14, 2000, in Baltimore, MD, is a dynamic Instagram star, model, rapper, and reality television personality. At 23, she has garnered attention for her modeling prowess, musical talents, and captivating lifestyle content.


BornMarch 14, 2000
BirthplaceBaltimore, MD
Age23 years old
Popularity#245 Most Popular

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Facts about Instagram Star Chrisean Rock 3


Chrisean Rock’s online presence is characterized by a diverse array of content, ranging from modeling pictures in swimwear and streetwear brands to lifestyle content that showcases her multifaceted talents. Beyond her social media persona, she is a musician and dancer, having been featured in music videos and creating her own music.

Before Fame:

Chrisean initiated her Instagram journey in December 2015, marking the beginning of her rise to online prominence.


In October 2017, Chrisean shared a glimpse of her personal life by attending her senior homecoming dance. Recognized by her moniker ChriseanRock, she has established a significant presence on platforms like Twitter.

Family Life:

Born Chrisean Malone, she hails from Maryland and grew up amidst a large family, boasting 11 siblings. Notably, she began dating Blueface in June 2022, and in March 2023, she revealed her pregnancy. On September 3, 2023, she streamed the birth of her son, Chrisean Jesus Malone Jr., on Instagram Live. Her sister is named Tesehki.

Associated With:

Chrisean Rock has collaborated with various personalities, including a collaboration with Lil Mabu in October 2023 and a YouTube video titled “Vlog – Blueface Set Day Yacht Party!!! Chrisean Crashes it!! Blue Girls Club Style!” in January 2021.

Media Presence:

Chrisean Rock’s Instagram accounts (@chrisean and @chriseanrockbabyy) boast millions of followers, providing a platform for her to share her modeling, music, and lifestyle content. Her influence extends to other platforms, including YouTube, where she shares official music videos and vlogs.

Career Highlights:

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Beyond her social media success, Chrisean Rock is recognized professionally as an American rapper and reality television personality. Her involvement in the reality series Baddies for three seasons and her own show, Blueface & Chrisean: Crazy In Love, showcase her expanding career.

Five Insights into Chrisean Rock’s Life and Career:

  1. Reality TV and Rap: Chrisean Rock, born Chrisean Eugenia Malone on March 14, 2000, is recognized as an American rapper and reality television personality. She gained attention through her appearances on Zeus’s reality series “Baddies” for three seasons.
  2. Relationship Controversy: Chrisean Rock has been in the spotlight due to her involvement in a controversial relationship with Blueface, a fellow rapper. Their relationship has been marked by public disputes, accusations, and controversies, attracting attention from various media outlets.
  3. Social Media Presence: Like many contemporary personalities, Chrisean Rock maintains an active presence on social media platforms. Her Instagram account, @chrisean, boasts a significant following, providing glimpses into her life, music, and personal experiences.
  4. Music Career: Chrisean Rock has ventured into the music industry, releasing tracks such as “MR. TAKE YA B*TCH,” “vibe,” “Time,” and “Baby Father Drama.” Her music videos on platforms like YouTube showcase her artistic expression and musical pursuits.
  5. Personal Background: Chrisean Rock was born in Baltimore, Maryland, and her career has expanded beyond reality TV into the realms of rap and entertainment. Her journey reflects the intersections of fame, relationships, and artistic expression in the modern media landscape.


  1. Q: What reality show did Chrisean Rock participate in?
    • A: Chrisean Rock participated in Zeus’s reality series “Baddies” for three seasons, contributing to her recognition in the entertainment industry.
  2. Q: Who is Chrisean Rock known to have a controversial relationship with?
    • A: Chrisean Rock has been in a controversial relationship with Blueface, another rapper. The relationship has been marked by public disputes and accusations.
  3. Q: Can you name a few tracks released by Chrisean Rock?
    • A: Chrisean Rock has released tracks such as “MR. TAKE YA B*TCH,” “vibe,” “Time,” and “Baby Father Drama,” showcasing her involvement in the music industry.
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