120+ Dwarf Names and Detailed Answers for Your Fantasy World

We are sure that we will add different things to your imagination in this content where we present more than 120 Dwarf Name Ideas for your Fantasy World.

Welcome, intrepid adventurers and aficionados of lore, to a majestic compendium where over 120 dwarf names materialize, resonating with the symphony of clashing weapons and the murmurs of ancient dwarven sagas.

This is not merely a catalog; it is a portal to realms forgotten, where each name reverberates with the might and enigma of the stout folk themselves.

Dwarf Names 4
120+ Dwarf Names and Detailed Answers for Your Fantasy World 5

FenomenCo the Tapestry

A Grand Archive

This compilation is more than a mere list—it is a key to forgotten kingdoms, where the echoes of dwarf names unveil the tales of wisdom, bravery, and creativity. Whether you seek a name for a sagacious dwarf, a valiant clan elder, or an imaginative dwarf with a fiery red beard or raven-black hair, this collection seamlessly weaves together the conventional and the unexpected, the magical and the mundane.

A Journey Through A to Z

Embark on a journey through the extensive roll call of dwarf names, each bearing its own significance. From Alberik to Nordin, every name carries the weight of ancestral tales and the resilience of a mountain forge.

Discovering the Aegis of the Dwarves

Unveiling the A-list

  1. Alberik
  2. Arnbjorn
  3. Asgrim
  4. Aldorin
  5. Argrod
  6. Alaric
  7. Arthek
  8. Arvid
  9. Ansgar
  10. Asgeir

Beyond the Basics: Crafting a Dwarven Legacy

Delve into the rich history encapsulated in names like Balinor, Bofar, and Buri. Each name a thread in the intricate tapestry of dwarven heritage, connecting past, present, and future.

Navigating the Dwarf Kingdoms

From Cragin to Caldrin

  1. Cragin
  2. Colvar
  3. Crannog
  4. Calin
  5. Cofur
  6. Corsar
  7. Cadoc
  8. Crorin
  9. Celdor
  10. Cramli

Illuminating Dwarven Territories

Traverse the vast dwarven realms with names like Crubar, Culvar, and Cronar. These monikers encapsulate the diversity of dwarfdom, from the craggy peaks to the deep caverns.

Dwarf Names 3
120+ Dwarf Names and Detailed Answers for Your Fantasy World 6

Crafting Dwarven Epics

Dwarven Legacies: Dagnar to Durnik

  1. Dagnar
  2. Drongar
  3. Durnik
  4. Drogar
  5. Durthi
  6. Dworic
  7. Darnoc
  8. Dregin
  9. Drunor
  10. Dolgrin

Mapping the Saga of Durin’s Kin

Embark on a quest through the tales of Durin, Dargrim, and Dorni. Each name a testament to the enduring spirit of dwarves through the ages.

Enigmatic Beginnings: Eborin to Elthor

Unraveling the Echelons

  1. Eborin
  2. Elgrin
  3. Ermund
  4. Erland
  5. Engar
  6. Eindor
  7. Eitri
  8. Eikthyrnir
  9. Eilif
  10. Ekkar

Navigating the Peaks of Ered Luin

Scale the heights of the dwarven peaks with names like Eldar, Eldrin, and Endor. These names echo through the mountain valleys, encapsulating the resilience and endurance of dwarves.

Mastering the Art of Naming: Fargrim to Frithor

Forging the Fables

  1. Fargrim
  2. Faldor
  3. Frerin
  4. Fimbul
  5. Fundin
  6. Fili
  7. Falin
  8. Furin
  9. Fingar
  10. Fostar

Crafting a Legacy in Stone

Unearth the tales of Fandral, Forli, and Frumli as they shape the annals of dwarven history. Each name chiseled into the bedrock of their enduring sagas.

Guardians of Stone and Anvil: Gormar to Gragnar

Glimpsing the Guardian Roll

  1. Gormar
  2. Gildor
  3. Grindan
  4. Glorin
  5. Gurnar
  6. Galar
  7. Grimli
  8. Gondar
  9. Gorim
  10. Garm

Guardians of the Under-Mountain

Journey with the guardians like Galdor, Gundar, and Grimnar as they stand sentinel beneath the peaks, forging both weapons and legends.

Helmets and Hammers: Harald to Hilmir

Heraldry of the Helmets

  1. Harald
  2. Hafar
  3. Horik
  4. Hallvar
  5. Hendal
  6. Horgar
  7. Harnar
  8. Halgrim
  9. Hjolmar
  10. Herthor

Hammering Through History

Feel the rhythm of dwarven hammers with names like Hrothgar, Hundar, and Hjorvar. Each name a resounding strike in the anvil of dwarven legacy.

Illustrating the Dwarven Dynasties

Ivar to Ivor: Illuminating the I-list

  1. Ivar
  2. Ingar
  3. Ivor
  4. Igrim
  5. Ismar
  6. Ingvar
  7. Ithar
  8. Ilmar
  9. Imdar
  10. Irvin

Iconic Dynasties: Ithron to Ivorin

Traverse through the epochs with names like Ithron, Ingmund, and Ildin. These names carve a path through the annals of dwarven lore.

Journeys Through J-names: Jorin to Jagnar

Jorin to Jondar: Navigating the J-list

  1. Jorin
  2. Jarn
  3. Jurgan
  4. Jondar
  5. Jorund
  6. Jorgrim
  7. Jarni
  8. Jarin
  9. Jondor
  10. Jorvar

Journeys Through J-names

Embark on epic journeys with names like Jarnor, Jurgar, and Jordar. These J-names resonate through the mountain halls, weaving tales of valor and honor.

Dwarf Names 2
120+ Dwarf Names and Detailed Answers for Your Fantasy World 7

Kingdoms and Knaves: Kili to Kragnar

Kili to Kurgar: Unraveling the K-list

  1. Kili
  2. Korin
  3. Kragar
  4. Kaldar
  5. Kunar
  6. Kromli
  7. Krondar
  8. Karli
  9. Kurgan
  10. Kagnar

Kingdoms and Knaves

Explore the vast territories with names like Kardar, Keldar, and Krinar. These names etch their mark on the annals of dwarven history.

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Luminaries of the Limestone: Lofar to Lagnor

Lofar to Lagnor: Traversing the L-list

  1. Lofar
  2. Lunnar
  3. Lorin
  4. Largrim
  5. Lurdan
  6. Lainar
  7. Lornar
  8. Lokri
  9. Lundar
  10. Lirin

Legacy Amidst Limestone

Illuminate the dwarven domains with names like Largan, Lirnar, and Loknar. These names echo through the caverns, weaving tales of resilience and fortitude.

Monoliths and Morians: Mardin to Mundli

Mardin to Mundli: A Trail Through the M-list

  1. Mardin
  2. Morin
  3. Murin
  4. Marik
  5. Mogar
  6. Murnar
  7. Malin
  8. Mardar
  9. Morak
  10. Mundar

Monoliths and Morians

Stand tall amidst the names of Mandar, Modar, and Mognar. Each name a testament to the enduring legacy of dwarven resilience.

Navigating the Depths: Nain to Nordin

Nain to Nordin: Traversing the N-list

  1. Nain
  2. Norin
  3. Nundar
  4. Norgar
  5. Narnar
  6. Norli
  7. Nalmar
  8. Nidri
  9. Njalmar
  10. Njorun

Navigating the Depths

Plunge into the depths of dwarven lore with names like Nurlin, Nandar, and Nordar. These names echo through the subterranean halls, weaving tales of valor and honor.


In this grand compendium of dwarven names, we have traversed the vast expanse of dwarven history, from the lofty peaks to the deepest caverns. Each name is a beacon, illuminating the rich tapestry of dwarven heritage and inviting all to embark on their own epic adventures. So, dear reader, let these names be your guide as you journey through the realms of dwarven lore, forging your own legends amidst the clang of hammers and the echoes of ancient tales.

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