Baby clothing company Kyte criticized for treatment of mother of sick newborn

Kyte, a renowned baby clothes company, faces criticism for its treatment of a mother with a critically ill newborn seeking to work from the hospital.

It appears that Kyte Baby, a popular baby brand, is facing significant backlash online after reportedly firing an employee who had adopted a 22-week-old premature baby. The founder of Kyte Baby, Ying Liu, issued an apology on TikTok, which seems to have backfired, leading to continued criticism of the brand.

Key Points:

  1. Background of the Controversy:
    • Marissa Hughes, an employee of Kyte Baby, was terminated after requesting to work from home due to adopting a premature baby in a NICU nine hours away.
    • The controversy gained attention and went viral on social media.
  2. Ying Liu’s Apology on TikTok:
    • Ying Liu, the founder of Kyte Baby, apologized to Marissa Hughes on TikTok for not allowing her to work remotely and for her subsequent termination.
    • Liu’s initial apology was criticized for appearing scripted, as it seemed she was reading from a document.
  3. Continued Backlash and Second Apology:
    • Despite the apology, Kyte Baby continued to face backlash, leading Liu to release a second video where she admitted to reading from a piece of paper.
    • Liu confessed to personally vetoing Hughes’ work-from-home request and acknowledged not discussing the matter with Hughes until the TikTok video.
  4. Offer to Marissa Hughes:
    • In the second video, Liu mentioned that Kyte Baby is offering Hughes her original position back along with benefits.
  5. Ying Liu’s Background and Kyte Baby’s Origin:
    • Ying Liu, originally from Guangzhou, China, resides in Southlake. She founded Kyte Baby after her daughter suffered from chronic eczema, discovering bamboo fabric for comfortable clothing.
    • The brand specializes in bamboo-based clothing for babies, toddlers, and adults.
    • Liu’s brand philosophy is symbolized by the name “Kyte Baby,” representing the whimsical activity of flying a kite, evoking feelings of innocence, freedom, and a return to nature.
  6. Liu’s Career and Company Growth:
    • Liu holds a Ph.D. in Economics and previously worked as an interpreter and tour guide for American adoption groups in China.
    • She and her husband, Chin Lau, started a baby retail store in Ottawa before founding Kyte Baby.
    • Despite the initial success, the brand is currently facing severe backlash across social media platforms.
  7. Ongoing Repercussions and HR Policy Review:
    • In response to the controversy, Liu has announced a review of Kyte Baby’s HR policy and procedures.
Baby clothing company Kyte criticized for treatment of mother of sick newborn 2
Baby clothing company Kyte criticized for treatment of mother of sick newborn 3

Kyte Baby Controversy: A Critical Blogger’s Take

@recoveredmom1 Kyte Baby Controversy Explained: Popular Bamboo Clothing brand Kyte Baby is being canceled after letting employee Marissa go, who recently adopted a NICU Baby. #truecrimetiktoker #tiktoktea #tiktoknews #kytebaby #bamboobabyclothes #babyclothes #momsoftiktok ♬ original sound – ConspiraTea

As the saga goes, Marissa Hughes, an employee of Kyte, faced termination after seeking the compassionate option of working remotely from the hospital while her premature baby fought for survival in the NICU. The internet erupted with outrage at Kyte’s response, and the controversy swiftly became the talk of the town.

Ying Liu’s Apology Dance: Scripted or Sincere?

Enter Ying Liu, the founder of Kyte, attempting to douse the flames with a TikTok apology. However, the authenticity of her words came under scrutiny. Was it a genuine expression of remorse, or did it feel more like a rehearsed script? The online community seemed divided.

The Second Act: Confessions and Company Damage Control

In a surprising turn, Liu released a follow-up video, confessing to reading from a scripted document during her first apology. She admitted to personally vetoing the work-from-home request and claimed ignorance of the situation until the TikTok video. Kyte Baby, in an attempt at damage control, extended an offer to reinstate Marissa Hughes.

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Exploring the Roots: Who is Ying Liu and What is Kyte Baby?

Delving into the backstory, Ying Liu, hailing from Guangzhou, China, founded Kyte Baby after her daughter’s battle with chronic eczema. The brand, specializing in bamboo-based clothing, garnered success. However, the recent controversy has thrust Liu into the spotlight, revealing a less flattering side of the beloved entrepreneur.

Public Outcry and Social Media Tsunami

As the controversy rages on, social media platforms have become battlegrounds. Netizens express their disdain for Kyte’s actions, with some demanding accountability and a reassessment of the company’s HR policies. Liu’s attempts to salvage the brand’s reputation seem to be caught in the turbulent waves of public opinion.

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3. Kyte Baby fired Marissa (former employee)
4. Is anybody else as invested in the Kyte Baby drama as I am?
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