Aho Girl

“Aho Girl” is a TV anime series that falls under the comedy genre. The Japanese title for the series is “アホガール,” which can be transliterated as “Ahogāru.” The anime is also known by its English titles “AHO-GIRL” and “Dummy Girl.” It aired for a total of 12 episodes, starting on July 4, 2017, and concluding on September 19, 2017. The age rating for the series is PG-13 (suitable for viewers 13 years old and above). Diomedea served as the studio responsible for the animation, and the series received an overall rating of 8.83/10 based on the votes of 442 viewers.


  • Japanese Title: アホガール
  • English Titles: AHO-GIRL, Dummy Girl
  • Anime Type: TV Series
  • Episode Count: 12 episodes
  • Airing Period: July 4, 2017, to September 19, 2017
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Age Rating: PG-13 (13 years old and above)
  • Studio: Diomedea
  • Episode Duration: 12 minutes per episode
  • Overall Rating: 8.83/10 based on the votes of 442 viewers

Synopsis: “Aho Girl” follows the story of Hanabatake Yoshiko, a girl who consistently manages to score “0” even in multiple-choice exams and is known for her sheer stupidity. The series is based on a 4-koma manga format. Yoshiko claims to have a crush on her childhood friend and spends time with him at school. However, her childhood friend has to endure all of Yoshiko’s foolishness, creating humorous situations.

User Comments:

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  • “Aho Girl” is a comedy series known for its short episode duration, delivering humor through the antics of the main character, Yoshiko.

Aho Girl Filler List

Episode NumberTitleFiller or Canon
1Clueless GirlCanon
12Dummy GirlCanon
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