A-Channel: +A-Channel

A-Channel’s special episodes; a delightful extension of the original series, offering more humor, drama, and friendship.

“A-Channel: +A-Channel” comprises 11 special episodes that serve as an extension to the original anime. Released from May 25, 2011, to October 26, 2011, these specials continue the story of Tooru, Run, Yuuko, and Nagi’s high school adventures. With a PG-13 rating, the series maintains its appeal to viewers aged 13 and above.

Produced by Aniplex and crafted by Studio Gokumi, each special episode has a brief runtime of 2 minutes. Although the series holds a provisional rating of 0.00/10 based on 21 votes, it promises to deliver the same blend of humor, friendship, and relatable high school experiences seen in the original “A-Channel.”

A-Channel: +A-Channel” provides fans with additional insights into the lives of the beloved characters. The specials delve into the everyday antics and relationships of Tooru, Run, Yuuko, and Nagi, offering a concise yet entertaining continuation of the main storyline.

The success of “A-Channel” prompted the creation of these specials, allowing viewers to further immerse themselves in the endearing world of the series. As an extension of the original narrative, these special episodes contribute to the overall charm and enjoyment associated with the “A-Channel” franchise.

TitleA-Channel: +A-Channel
English TitleA-Channel: +A-Channel
Other TitlesA-Channel Specials
Japanese TitleAチャンネル
Anime Type
Number of Episodes11 / 11
Start DateMay 25, 2011, Wednesday
End DateOctober 26, 2011, Wednesday
Age RatingPG-13 – 13 and above
StudioStudio Gokumi
Episode Duration2 minutes
Rating0.00 / 10 (Rated by 21 people)

A-Channel: +A-Channel Episode List

Episode NoTitleAir DateFiller
1Special Episode 1May 25, 2011, WednesdayNo
2Special Episode 2[Date]No
3Special Episode 3[Date]No
4Special Episode 4[Date]No
5Special Episode 5[Date]No
6Special Episode 6[Date]No
7Special Episode 7[Date]No
8Special Episode 8[Date]No
9Special Episode 9[Date]No
10Special Episode 10[Date]No
11Special Episode 11October 26, 2011, WednesdayNo
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